Thursday, May 31, 2007

Incantation Against Mischievous Supernatural Beings

I don't exactly know which type of Orasyon is being requested by our reader..

Some people here in our area complain for being lost in the forest, they already mastered the routes but they still get lost, why do this happen? In most cases, it is caused by supernatural beings(commonly dwarves and "engkantadas") making fun of people.. A lot have already asked me for an incantation against mischievous supernatural beings and this is the most potent of all the Orasyon that i have:


Recite this three times if you suspect that mischievous supernatural beings are making fun of you. This can be used against all mischievous supernatural beings, no matter what the situation is. You can also write this in a small white paper and wear it on your waist..

To Ward Off REAL Witches

And by real witches, i mean witches who have spirits as their mentors. I know there are witches who claims to be a witch just because they read a book about witchcraft..I'm sorry but those types are not genuine witch. They are ofcourse FAKE.

Anyway, if you suspect somebody to be a witch(a real one) then you can test her by inviting her to your house.. What you need to do is to put a broomstick upside down in the left side of your main door. That simple.. The witch can never enter your house with that simple charm..

But what i usually suggest is to first make a witch enter your house before putting the broomstick at the door. When the witch is already inside the house then put the broomstick upside down at the left side of the main door.. If he/she is really a witch then what he/she will do is to make recurrent goodbyes. . BUT, you will notice that she will walk back and forth from the main door and to you, saying goodbye to you and then going back to the main door and to you again. That's because she can't go out with the upside down broomstick placed at the side of the door..

But i must point out that you let them go before they whisper an orasyon to you... I will do the same thing if somebody do this to me.

*orasyon for this is in the other post.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Potions for Protection

There are so many types of potions for protection. There are potions which is used to protect a person from a witch, a supernatural being, hexes, malign magics, unnatural misfortunes and demons.

I will give one which can be generally used but i must say that this is not the most strongest of all.

Gather one clear small bottle, three guava leaves(just small leaves), coconut oil, salt, a coal, a small crucifix(small enough to fit inside the bottle) two candles, two white paper and a new black pen. All of those should only be bought on Tuesday or Friday. If you bought all of it on Tuesday then do the ritual on a Friday vice versa. On a Tuesday or Friday at 6pm or just after sunset, light the two candles and get all the materials needed and put it on the altar of your patron saint. It is not really necessary but i always recommend those i teach to have an altar for their patron saint and of Jesus and the Virgin Mary. Now, put the three guava leaves(you can shred it), salt and coal inside the bottle then put coconut oil inside, filling half of the bottle.

After doing all of those, write your full name in capital letters on a 1/8 piece of paper. Then write these orasyons on the other 1/8 paper in the format i will indicate.


You will then put the two papers together in the manner that your name will be covered by the written orasyon when folded. Fold it three times and then insert it inside the bottle. Then recite the orasyon three times whispering it to the opening of the bottle. After that, put the crucifix inside the bottle and close it tightly. It should never be opened unless you will use the oil.

Just put it on your altar overnight and then you can take it the next morning and place it at the side of your main door or you can take it with you anywhere. If you feel that you are being supernaturally harmed then just shake the bottle and those who means you harm will leave you alone.

*the black pen cannot be used again in any other rituals
*do this in discreet

This is just a simple potion which is requested by someone. I can teach you other potions or orasyons for specified use.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

If You Are Being Hexed -- Counter magic

If you suspect that you are being bewitched then what you should do is to gather your own urine in a tuesday or friday at 6pm..Put it in a non metal container, then put iron nails or any sharp objects in the container and then boil it.. Once your urine boils, the one who cursed you shall feel the pain of the pricking iron nails and of the other sharp objects. The caster will definitely take off the curse he placed upon you.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Origin of Supernatural Power and Knowledge

Our ancestors were given different supernatural powers and knowledge by the spirit world and from God. This enabled our ancestors to:

1. Heal
2. Have wide knowledge of the properties of herbs
3. Foretell the future
4. Find lost things and persons
5. Procure Love
6. Harm or Kill a person in great distance
7. Communicate with supernatural beings and the souls of the dead

All this can be done by the aid of the supernatural. And the list of gift of knowledge and power the supernatural bestowed to our ancestors are almost endless. But not all men were privileged to receive this gift. The spirits and the supreme being carefully chosen those who are worthy.

After the power is given, it is up for the one who received it to decide on whom he will pass the knowledge and power. Some were already trained by the masters at an early age and some just received it on the death bed of the sorcerer, healer or a witch. But in most cases, it is passed on to their next generation. And so, it became more of a tradition to pass on their power and knowledge to the next generation as it was passed on to them.

And this gift is passed on to me by a relative. I was given 3 supernatural mentors whom I consult and ask for aid everytime I perform a ritual. They taught me sacred incantations which we call "Orasyons" here in the Philippines. I use "orasyons" to empower all of the rituals that i perform. Most of the knowledge taught to me are:

1. Kulam - The Filipino black art of revenge by the use of black dolls. I can harm a person by the use of dolls which are empowered by the spirits and by the orasyons.

2. Gayuma - Procurement of love by supernatural means. Gayuma can cause a person to love you. But i must point out that Gayuma doesn't really cause love, it only causes infatuation and OBSESSION which in time shall fade all by itself.

3. Paktol - Commands the spirit of the owner of the skull to cause illness and death to a person.

4. Healing - Only supernatural illnesses can be healed. And also the reversal of Kulam.

5. Orasyons - Sacred incantations which are given by the spirits every Good Friday. This is very important because orasyons are used to empower the last 4 knowledges that were taught to me.

Those are the main gifts that were taught to me. Lesser knowledge of the supernatural sorcery is all about daily life and is most used by the help of an orasyon. And like what have i said earlier, supernatural knowledge is almost endless, you just need to consult the supernatural if we want to know more..

Why do i divulge this knowledge?

I decided to divulge SOME of the rituals i know for the reason that i want people to have an idea of the ritual methods taught by the supernatural beings. I will explain the methods but will not give the orasyon for empowerment if the ritual is about harming a person or worst killing them. However, i can share you some of the rituals which i think is "justified" for your use against people who harmed you. I will also share some of the Love spells and healing methods that i know. And Orasyons that you can use for the betterment of your life and for protection.

Remember, harming somebody by the use of Kulam is only acceptable if the case is brutal. It might only go back to you or your family seven folds if you will only use it for fun.

I might post rituals everyday so if you want to study the True Filipino Witchcraft and Sorcery then visit this blog regularly. I will also monitor those who are really interested, if i see that you really want to learn, then i might share some of my greater orasyons and rituals.