Saturday, June 9, 2007

GAYUMA - Filipino Love Potion

You must get a used shirt or underwear of the person you love. I suggest for you to get his or her underwear. This time you can use a metalized pan. At Tuesday midnight, boil water and then soak the underwear in the pan. An orasyon should be recited just after you dropped the underwear(e-mail me for the orasyon, sorry but i can't give it publicly). After reciting the orasyon, put the pan where it will not be disturbed. It should NEVER be opened. Wait until Friday.

At Friday at 6pm, take the pan and then recite the necessary orasyon(email me for the orasyon), after the orasyon, turn the pan clockwise for nine times using your both hands. Then the last orasyon should be recited.

Then use the liquid from the pan to make a juice or coffee. You and the person you love should drink it. Outcome will be after three days.

*Offer three candles to the Virgin Mary after the ritual.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Future Posts

Another gayuma which is greater than the previous one. Next to that will be an explanation on the ritual of "Candle of death" or also called "Wind of death" for revenge. Next posts will be more on revenge rituals and spells.


I have been receiving a couple of hate mails since I started the "To ward off real witches" post. It is not my intention to hurt the feelings of our Western Practitioners by using the term "fake" and "learning witchcraft thru books". I didn't explain very well what I mean when I used the term.

I hope you understand that I came from the Philippines, and our occult culture is very different from the West, but then again, I do not know much about the occult practices of the West so I am concluding that as my own opinion. When i used the term "fake witches who learns witchcraft thru witchcraft books" I mean people here in our country who buys occult books at our local bookstores, read about it a bit and then fool people for their money by appearing at TV shows, newspapers et al., claiming that people in need of occult assistance should come to their office and will be charged only "little" amounts as donations.

I am here to preserve parts of our real occult culture and to help primarily Filipinos, but other nationalities are welcome to ask for rituals and orasyons too. So pretentious witches here in our country who charge money to people desperate of help, in exchange for their ineffective rituals and without Supernatural guidance is for me very disturbing.

I do not charge money to people who ask me for rituals and Orasyons. When somebody comes to me for help, I only ask them to buy the materials that are needed. I sometimes even give what is in my cupboard for free and just ask them for candles. I also do not take donations. All I ask to those who come to me is clandestineness, for I don't want the whole country to know what I am. I am just an ordinary person blessed with a supernatural gift. Other nationalities may not understand the process on how "albularyos" or witchdoctors catch a witch or a sorcerer thru the body of the bewitched, but I must point out that the punishments are very severe once discovered as a witch or a sorcerer, a real one.

I think I have already explained enough what I meant and I APOLOGIZE to those who are offended with the terms that i used. It is not my intention to insult other practices like some people thought. I am also not claiming that my rituals are stronger than yours. I just want to help those who need Spiritual justice and assistance, nothing more.

Again, I apologize. I hope this ends all the misconceptions.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Copying My Orasyons

You are free to copy the orasyons that i provide but you should follow the guidelines on the right way to copy and of keeping it.

1. DONT copy it using electricity(printing etc).

2. Write it in your own libreta, a small notebook dedicated to the orasyons and its uses. Write it on a Friday at 6pm.

3. NEVER take your libretas in a funeral and places where the Holy Sacrament is being done. I will explain in my future posts the only time you can take your libretas where the Holy Sacrament is being done.

4. NEVER skip or jump over your libretas.

5. Use only a Pen which is dedicated for the writing of your orasyons.

6. NEVER cover it with a red cloth.

7. Treat your libretas with respect.

I guess that is all i need to tell you. I will teach you what to do with your libretas and orasyons in Holy Week in my future posts.

On Stolen/Lost Things

They taught me, If the thing is not yet sold or not been given to another person by the thief then the lost thing will come back because of your prayers. First, this ritual was taught to me by my spirit guide. So when i was instructed that i should sit on the middle of the stairs which is infront of our house altar, it is because this ritual is taught to me according to my location and the resources that i have. But this doesn't mean that other people can't use it. If you have stairs in your house but don't have an altar infront of it then just put an altar infront of the stairs and sit on the very middle(14 steps, at the 7th ofcourse) when performing this ritual. But if you don't have stairs, i think it can be acceptable to do the ritual only with an altar. You must also know where the thing is located before it was stolen. And i suggest to do this ritual ONLY for a thing which is very important. If you can buy another of that thing without difficulty then you don't have to do this method.

On a Friday, get 4 small stones in the vicinity of a church at 3pm. Light two white candles in your altar at 6pm and then sit at the middle of your stairs facing your altar. If you don't have stairs then kneel infront of your altar. Hold the four stones tightly, two stones at each hand.

Then recite this Orasyons:


Tribu tergum quod es mei, operor ecce cruccem domine
per sanctus calex de Deus, Tribu tergum quod es mei (3x)

Then close it with this orasyon:

Santo Antonio ut vos votum , vestri palyum libri de preses eram donatus tergum vobis. Precor iyam pro totus nostrum quisnam es absentis res maximus quod carus. Voveo totus quisnam es absentis fides spes vel amisitia de deus. Voveo nos quisnam es absentis amisitia vel parentes per nex. Voveo totus quisnam es absentis pacis de mens vel fasmatis. Precor ut nos badum exsisto donatus novus spes , novus fides , novus diligo. Precor ut absentis res , necessarius quod benevolens nobis badum exsisto reverto ut nostrum servo. Sive seu , nos expeto persevero en nostrum damnum , precor ut nos badum exsisto donatus sarcalogos levamentum quod pacis.


Recite the second orasyon only once. Then go to the location of the lost thing and surround it with the 4 stones in square position. Surround the "thing" not the whole room.

If the ritual is done as i intstructed and the orasyons are pronounced correctly. Then you should find the lost thing in the middle of the 4 stones the next morning. This is done up to three fridays, if it doesn't appear after the third friday then it might have been sold or given away by the thief to another person.

I have numerous rituals of finding lost things and thiefs. I will post other methods in the future.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

GAYUMA - Filipino Love Spell

Gayuma is not new to Filipinos. There are other witches who focused more on concocting and giving out love potions and spells, they are called "manggagayuma". The one i will share to you might not be the strongest but i can assure you that it is very effective.

You will need a picture of the person you love and a new small "banga" - a new jar which should only be used in this ritual. On a tuesday or friday at 6pm light two red and white candles on a round wooden table, the red candles internal and white candles external.

Get the picture of the person you love and then recite this orasyon three times:


And then followed by these orasyons three times:


Pater noster qui es in caelis sanctificetur nomen tuum. Adveniat regnum tuum. Fiat voluntas tua sicut in caelo et in terra. Panem nostrum quotidianum da nobis hodie et dimitte nobis debita nostra sicut et nos dimittimus debitoribus nostris. Et ne nos inducas in tentationem sed libera nos a malo.

Ave maria gratia plena dominus tecum. Benedicta tu in mulieribus et benedictus fructus ventris tui Jesus. Sancta Maria Mater Dei ora pro nobis peccatoribus nunc et in hora mortis nostrae.

Gloria Patri et Filio et Spiritui Sancto. Sicut erat in principio et nunc et semper et in saecula saeculorum.

Then shout the complete name of the person on the empty banga(jar). Next, put the picture inside the jar and then just hide the jar where it will not be seen. The spell usually takes effect after three days.

*the second orasyons should all be recited before repeating it three times. not three magi.. three..pater..etc.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Antidote For Gayuma(Love Potion)

A reader asked me to post Gayuma method. I will post that method tomorrow but first let me give the antidote for all types of Gayuma(Love Potions and Spells). It will dispel any Gayuma methods done to a person.

The key is to mix "blue alum crystals" in a boiling "rain water"..Don't use any metalized pans.. Make the bewitched drink it and the Gayuma will be dispeled. You can keep the excess mix and you can use it in the future if needed.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

To Ward Off REAL Witches - The Incantation

I didn't include an Orasyon to the charm i mentioned about warding off REAL witches.. It's really hard to just give away incantations which are provided by the spirits for my own use. But then i thought that i should just share it to you to complete the ritual i mentioned.

After you placed the broomstick at the door, recite this incantation three times.

Kristo + Cruz + Cruz + Benedictus + Cruz + Impactus + Miserenobis + Natos

When the witch is already inside your house, recite it again three times infront of the image of your patron saint, Jesus or the Virgin Mary.

*The Orasyon i provided isn't only for this ritual..