Thursday, May 31, 2007

Incantation Against Mischievous Supernatural Beings

I don't exactly know which type of Orasyon is being requested by our reader..

Some people here in our area complain for being lost in the forest, they already mastered the routes but they still get lost, why do this happen? In most cases, it is caused by supernatural beings(commonly dwarves and "engkantadas") making fun of people.. A lot have already asked me for an incantation against mischievous supernatural beings and this is the most potent of all the Orasyon that i have:


Recite this three times if you suspect that mischievous supernatural beings are making fun of you. This can be used against all mischievous supernatural beings, no matter what the situation is. You can also write this in a small white paper and wear it on your waist..


niphilim.marcus said...

Nice! Gumagana rin ba ito sa mga multo na nagpaparamdam sa iyo?? I mean, titigilan ka ba ng mga multo, at least temporarily, kapag inusal mo ito?

niphilim.marcus said...

I discovered this orasyon translates into "I am to thrust" or "I am to strike". Parang pagbabanta pala ito sa mga mischievous encantos.

Anonymous said...

anu po ibig sabihin ng + sign ..? yung +++ na post nyo na po yung meaning diba .. yung + sign po diko pa po alam sir FS .. anu po ba ito .. salamat poh ..

joshua said...

ito po yung sinasabi ng lola ng best friend ko pampatabuy daw sa aswang egosum impaktum dominum bakit dito hangang impaktum lang or baka para sa aswang lang yung may dominum sa mga engkanto yung impaktum????