Sunday, May 25, 2008

Orasyon to the Medallion of San Miguel

Orasyon to the medallion of San Miguel. If charged with the
orasyon specified, this will protect the wearer from danger
and will literally block all forms of sorcery if worn around
the neck. If enemies will attack, he should hold the
medallion and stomp his left foot three times and i assure you
that the enemies will stop and never continue to attack.

"San Miguel Arkangel(arkanghel), defende
nos in praelio. Senos amparo contra
pravitas et asechanzas del diabolus.

Repremale Deus,ako ay nanalangin sa iyo
Panginoon(I pray to you O Lord), et tu
prinsipe de milicia celestial, arroha
al infierno con vestra divino poder,
Satanas et alos ceteri espiritu malignos
quisnam andan dispersos por el mundo para

la perdicion delas animas. Amen."

I hope the person who asked me for this orasyon
already knows what to do with it. The ritual, time and
day of abstinence.

To Stop Bleeding

I used this today and I am allowed to share it. It might be useful for you one day. Whisper it three times over the wound with faith. As to any orasyons, whisper it in a way that you can barely hear it.

"Con el sangre de Adan, mors mortis ay orior. Con el sangre de Kristo, buhay ay nagsimula. O sangre, subsisto emanio et effundo. In nomina +++. Amen. "

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Orasyon For Great Comprehension and Memory

This orasyon if prayed everyday discreetly and with passion will cause great mental comprehension and good memory. Recite it with your left hand touching the temple of your head.

"Pax domine nostri angeli do do do pericot deus simpeterni omnipotente griyego jata Jesus salvame egoverbum Christum pactum mihi concentracion cera poderosa et mihi memoria sera magnus el Melech neeman."(7x)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

For Success to Your Plans and Personal Undertakings

Pray this orasyon if you want to be successful with your plans that will do you GOOD. I think this has to be the appropriate orasyon to what most readers request to me -- orasyon for finding and getting a job.

Recite this orasyon three times, kneeling and facing the sunrise and you will be successful in your undertakings:

"quis similis tus en fortibus domine quis similis tus magnificus en sanctitate terribilis atque laudabilis et faciens mirabilia"(3x)

followed by this orasyon:

"Santo expiditus ego ore vobis bendigame et socorro mihi per meus entencio (your plan). in nomina Jesus. Amen."(1x)

Then trust God that you will be successful, for this orasyon is of Most Divine origin.

Monday, May 19, 2008

For Enemies

This very powerful and sacred orasyon is for enemies who has caused you great harm. Enemies who talks about you, treat you inferiorly, insults you and so on and so forth. You can copy it to your notebook specifically for orasyons but if you are in need to use it, you can either memorize it or write it in a new white paper and read it. My mentor noted "isubli na ti inaramid da pito nga beses..para maritna da kada oras ti aldaw."(it will return to them the harm they did to you seven they will feel it every hour of the day.).


Start at tuesday. Light three black candles at sunset or at midnight. If you don't have black candles then use white. Very much better if recited infront of Sta. Barbara. First is to offer three Pater Noster and three Ave Maria. Then recite the orasyon 9 times without anger in your heart but an emotion of finding help and justice.

The Orasyon:

"Infinem pro Melech intelehentiae David dixit insipiyens en corde suo non est deus korupti sunt et abominabiles facti sunt en iniquitatibos non est qui faciat bonum, deus de caelo prospexit en filios hominum ut videat si est intelehens aut, requirens deum omnes declinaverunt simul inutiles facti sunt non est qui faciat bonum non est usque ad unum, nonne siyent omnes, qui operantur iniquitatem qui devorant plebem meam ut cibum panis deum non invocaverunt illic trepi dabunt timore ubi non siya ay naging timor quoniam deus dissipavit ossa eorum qui hominibus placent confusi sunt quoniam deus sprevit eos, quis dabit ex siyon salutare Israel dum convertit Deus captivitatem plebis suwae exultabit Jacob et Yaetabitur Israel. Sade sade sade. In nomina +++. Amen"

Then extinguish the three candles not by blowing it but by the use of your fingers from your left hand. Hide the candles. You do this for seven days. And then you can continue it as long as you want. Every after ritual, you should hide the orasyon written in paper inside a bible.

If you started the first day at 6pm then do the whole 7days at 6pm. For the spirits will always expect you to do the prayer at that very same time.

The orasyon have tagalog words mixed in it. It was ilocano but i translated it to tagalog anyway.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Second Chance

One girl who sent me a message convinced me to once again reopen my site to the public. But now things will be different. First of all, if you don't want what you are seeing here then get the hell out of my site. Second, enough of fighting in my chatroom, dont act like a bunch of retarted children. Third, no more sharing of orasyons and rituals in my chatroom, if you have an orasyon or ritual in mind then mail it to me and I will post it qouting the contributor's name. And lastly, stop comparing your knowledge to me. I admit that I don't know everything but all sorcerers, witches and healers have different methods, your method is completely different to mine so stop comparing it!

I will start praying an orasyon that will cause great misfortune to those who will disrespect me again. So beware and think before you even say anything.

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Because of issues arising from this site. Because of people comparing their knowledge to me, people who misunderstood what I am teaching and people who always contradicts me, I have decided to close this site tomorrow.

Friday, May 2, 2008

The Book without a Title

I thought a relative stole this librito during a great typhoon years ago when our house was almost flooded. I didn’t give much importance to this librito back then for I have not entirely read what it contains so I didn’t try to get it back. But I found it again hidden in one of my chest covered in black cloth. I read it and realized how great, sacred and helpful the orasyons it has.

My aunt from my grandmother’s sister’s side gave this to me and I can still remember how she acquired it. She said that she had a dream of a bearded old man who was wearing a very long robe, and that the old man was calling her name, instructing her to rise and recover a book for him. She said that she can’t because she was scared to go out at night because of ghosts. The old man then said to have laughed and told her that he will recover the book for her and that he will find it on her altar when she wakes up.

She ignored the dream when she woke up but she was very astonished when she found the librito on her altar. She recounted it to her mother and showed her the librito. She then learned from our great grandmother that it was her supernatural mentor who gave it to her and that she should just wait for him for instructions for her mission. My aunt became a healer and finished her mission. She then entrusted the librito to me saying that I would need it. She made other copies so many Good Fridays ago and gave it to other of my relatives.

The third image is for divine protection when "salva mea jesu cristo" is added on the end and for blessing when other orasyon is added with it.

The fourth image is an orasyon for the who are lost on their way. Say it three times and the spirits will guide you to where you intended to go.