Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mata Tres Personas Orasyon


Same medallion and librito implementations...

Friday, June 27, 2008

Barang o Gamod de Manika

For the experienced:

(mid 90's; the time when I was just starting)

And the bearded man(mentor) said "Make yourself a black doll without bottoms (et al..instructions) and use it to your brother this tuesday". I said NO, I can't. And then the bearded man which name is E. said "Just one prick of needle...".

The orasyon:

"C... Christum E... D.. V... S.. M... M... Virginem P... C . . . Amen."

After a couple of days, the bearded man appeared again and said "make yourself 3 more black dolls and use it to your neighbor(who that time did me harm) but first, prick a second needle to your brother".

I consulted the red dwarf and he said "If you don't want to hurt your brother then go to church and put _____ at the statue of Saint _____ and you will never have to hurt your family for your witchcraft/barang to be powerful and take effect... "

Friday, June 20, 2008

For Family

The orasyon:

"Domine Jesu Christe, qui Maria et Jose subdetus, qui vivis et regnas en saecola saecolorum, familia sancte Emamil salvamos. Amen."

Recite with Pater Noster, Ave Maria and Orasyon Fatima to stop arguments in family.

So far this is what I have. But I will look into my other libritos for other orasyons.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


That's the name of the old man who attacked me the other night. He's a well known Albularyo in their area which is just one tricycle away from us. My relatives and I know that he curse people so they would come to him for healing and "donations". He curse people and blame it on us. He probably have found out about my mentors already that night. Yes he's strong but wouldn't last very long when you know what you are doing. He is like "other" typical Albularyos.. Curse and heal. And each and everytime they do that cycle, they become less and less effective. Well, he's very old and his time is near. He is not someone to worry about.

Moving on to our wheel. I only saw ONE person who has been making progress of actually understanding what my instructions are. He even mailed me a picture of his perception of the wheel and if he's the only one interested then he's the only one who will learn more about it.

Now, you need to know that this wheel is not just an accessory of sorcery. This wheel is devotedly used by a person whose main practice is returning things that are lost/stolen or making people pay their dues etc. The ritual of this wheel is divided into three orasyons.

1. Orasyon to return stolen goods
2. Orasyon to force people to pay their dues
3. Orasyon to cause sickness to thieves and people who owes you money/things

Remember, you can't just use this wheel once and throw it away.

Update me with your wheel.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Making a Person See a Leaf or Play Money as Real Money

To cause an illusion that will make other person see a leaf or a fake money as real money. This illusion will only last for three hours.

(since we have unworthy eyes around then i'm not revealing the complete orasyon; translated from my native language; i indicated my own testament of usage; year 1995 or 1996)

Taught by a red dwarf and the teaching is:

Kapag nagigipit:(when in great need*[of money])

Ang orasyon:

"Desumo D. "

Pick a leaf from an old Banyan tree but if that tree is not around then I understand, and just find a tree which bears sour fruit and use its leaf instead. Fold the leaf three times, say the orasyon three times and tap the folded leaf with your right index finger three times. Hold the leaf with your right hand and close your fist.

You should immediately go to the place where you should buy and ask for the price of what you need to buy. Once they mention the price then they will see the leaf as money larger than what they mentioned. *Never open your fist unless the person have already mentioned the price. Pay and leave. The leaf will go back to its form after three hours.

And so I tried, i closed my eyes did the instruction but when I opened my eyes all I saw was crumpled leaf. I called the dwarf which name is B. and confided to him what happened and he said:

Only the person who will receive the payment will see it as money.

And then I asked if I can use play money and he said yes but if only tried 7 times and was successful.

I repeated the instruction and went to a clothing store and bought pants which costs about 500 pesos and was successful. And I never tried its wonder ever again.

(From now on if possible, I will include my testament of usage and all other information which is still in my memory to prove those who believe of its effect and as source for those who are studying our own occult culture. And that I will post shorcuts of the orasyon so that those who are arrogantly not worthy can never use it.)

An Almost Battle with an Albularyo

Last night I was almost confronted. I was already sleeping when it happened. He pulled my right hand and shook it really hard, and then his words came out of my mouth which was "kunakon ket!"("sabi ko na nga eh!") then he placed either an amulet or a special stone on the palm of my hand which felt burning and agonizing. I was about to recite an orasyon which is "A. P. A. C. Domini. P. Egosum"but he stopped. And everything was normal again.

I'm still amazed and baffled how fast that old man could come and go. And why he didn't continue... What scares me most is that maybe the old man knows who I am and decided to stop.. Maybe not.. But I'm still worried that someone has the ability to penetrate into my private barrier which I thought powerful enough to protect me.

I think I'm in need to consult my mentors again for it and I might add pending requests with my questions. But for now let us continue with our magic wheel. If you will not update me with the construction of your wheel then it is nonsensical to give further instructions.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Orasyon to the Medallion of "7 Arkangeles"


- to the experienced carrier of the medallion. this is the prayer that will open the power of the 7 arkangeles medalyon.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Wheel That Will Force Thieves and Those Who Owes You Material Things To Return It To You

I would like you to make a wheel made from 6 straight woods or sticks. It should be atleast 12-14 inches long. Use only black thread or lace to tie it. The wheel should have a strong stand so it will not fall when you turn it. For now, that is what you need to do. Make yourself a wheel. After that I will teach you the orasyon which you will tie unto each ends of the sticks of the wheel. And then the ritual that will complete it.

I wish I can show you my aunt's wheel but unfortunately, my cousin, her successor won't allow me to reveal/show it.

Monday, June 9, 2008

The Wheel That Will Force Thieves and Those Who Owes You Material Things To Return It To You

I read a request and I was convinced by his story that he needed help. So I will teach you a ritual that use an orasyon wheel which you will construct yourself. The wheel shall force those who stole or owe things or generally, money from you, to return it. The wheel is not the ritual itself. The wheel is just a part of the ritual.

I have proven this wheel to be effective and was actually a division of expertise by my aunt who already passed away. Her daughter is her successor and although immersed in modern society, she still use it.

Just come back for piece by piece instructions.

The Divine Language

"The Divine Language is God's language. It is spoken even before everything existed. Nature understand it and Adam was infused with it. And by this language, Adam was able to communicate with everything God has created. "

- Meditate on this teaching and you will learn the secrets of the orasyons.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Another Use for The San Miguel Orasyon and Medallion

As instructed:

"If you are afraid that your sorcery will come back to you or if you feel that "albularyos" is going to confront you then get two pictures of yourself and place it between two San Miguel Medallions, if your picture is not available then you can write your name on a white paper and substitute it for your image. Place red candle over it, light it and pray the orasyon(Orasyon to the medallion of San Miguel)."