Saturday, September 15, 2007

To Rule Someone and Put Them Under Your Command

This is a very powerful orasyon that will put anyone under your command if the methods are done as instructed. It is a type of orasyon which to my experience will cause mental deception but can be counteracted/lifted by another orasyon, remedy or by strong emotion of love and trust. The orasyon is divinely given, vested and instructed BUT casting it upon a person for pleasure, fulfillment of immoral desires and unjust reasons is DIABOLICAL and my curse will be upon those who play with it.

*I presented the orasyon in two sets, the first one should be written on a new white paper using a new black pen and should be written as I presented it here. The second set should be the method of pronouncing it(Since all of you are undisciplined enough to master the pronounciation of orasyons - but like what I always say, those who are undisciplined will never be successful in any of the methods that I instruct).

First set:

"Egosum de filius ab deus, deus ab Abraham, Aleluya, Aleluya, Aleluya. Et veniat super me mesericordia tua Domini salutare tuum secundum eloquium tuum. Et respondebo exprobrantibus mihi verbum quia speravi in sermonibus tuis. Etne auferas de ore meo verbum veritatis usquequaque quia in iudiciis tuis supersperavi. Et custodiam legem tuam semper in saecolum et in saecolum saecoli. Et ambulabam in lati tudine quia mandata tua exquisivi. Et loquebar in testimoniis tuis in conspectu regum et non confundebar. Et meditabar in mandatis tuis quae dilexi. Et levavi manus meas ad mandata quae dilexi et exercebar in iustificationibus tuis. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus."

Second set:(I will write it in the manner that it should be pronounced like filipino, PRACTICE PRONOUNCING IT!!)

"Egosum de filyus ab deus, deus ab Abraham, Aleluya, Aleluya, Aleluya. Et venyat super me mesericordia tuwa Domini salutare tuum secundum elokiyum tuum. Et respondebo exprobrantibus mihi verbum kiya speravi in sermonibus tu-is. Etne iyuferas de ore meyo(meo) verbum veritatis uskekwake(usquequaque) kiya in iyudisiis tu-is supersperavi. Et custodiam legem tuam semper in saykolum et in saykolum saykoli. Et ambulabam in lati tudi-ne kiya mandata tuwa exkwisivi. Et lokebar in testimoniis tuis in conspectu regum et non confundebar. Et meditabar in mandatis tuis kwa-e dilexi. Et levavi manus meas ad mandata kwa-e dilexi et exersebar in iyustificationibus tuis. Hesus, Hesus, Hesus."

*tuwa should be pronounced fast as to pronouncing it as "twa" which also applies to "tuis"(tuwis).
*words followed by ( ) are just indication of the word for you to remember how similar words should be pronounced
*every word which has "-" should be pronounced fast as the "tuwa(tua)" word.
example: quae = kwa-e, and should not be pronounced as "kway". Just keep in mind that you pronounce it the filipino way.
*lastly, i should sell a book on how to pronounce orasyons


Buy a white paper and pen on friday. And at 6pm light 7 candles, 3 of it should be on your altar and the other 4 should be at your back surrounding you. Then write the orasyon presented in the first set on the white paper.

Hold a bible and Pray Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory be three times.. Not three times each but by connecting the three into one and then repeating it three times. Just after the prayer, randomly select a page on the bible. Open the bible, viewing the page you randomly selected.

Fold the orasyon written on the white paper three times and put it in the page which you randomly selected..Close the bible with the orasyon in it. Put the bible on the altar.

*The bible and any holy object on the altar should not be MOVED in 7 days
*You should pray Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory be three times every 6pm
*You should not BLEED within that 7 days
*You should not be engaged in sex. If you are single then you must not have any sexual pleasure mentally and physically within 7 days. If you are married by the blessing of the church, you should not have sex in tuesday and friday within that 7 days

After 7 days which is friday, light the three candles from your altar which you used 7 days ago. Then pray the rosary solemnly and in peace. After praying the rosary, open the bible where you put the orasyon you wrote. Recite it CLEARLY 7 times. And after that, you can now write it to your libreta or keep the written orasyon.

*The orasyon should not be skipped by any person including you(bawal malagtawan o madaanan) or else the potency will be gone.

After you successfully operated the instructions of the spirits, you can now use the orasyon.


If you wish to rule or put a person under your command, recite the orasyon CLEARLY and NORMALLY(not too fast) over a glass of water three times and make the person drink it WILLINGLY. You can also recite it over a food without any salt by reciting the orasyon over the food while mixing the food clockwise(halu-haluin niyo habang nagoorasyon).

*I will not entertain any questions unless you have questions with my instructions. If you don't follow my instructions then I cannot assure you that any ritual that i teach will work.

*Some of the instructions I indicated here also applies to the empowerment of the other orasyon I given.

*Those who are moral shall always expect an effective outcome

*I will no longer entertain ritual requests..I will post rituals and it is up to you to use which can help you.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Kulam is "The Power of Revenge" - It Did Not Come From A Tradition

Now let me entertain this question from an unknown visitor of my site.

"I would just like to ask if you know the complete ritual of the invocation of the spirit guide… I would like for you to post it in your blog… cause I saw the ritual in another tradition which requires a bathtub to sink in. a typical Filipino live a hard life, so I cant afford a bathtub to bathe in. I think the spirit guide contacts you through dreams, right? I would like to ask if an orasyon or a pact written on a paper, Requires a kind of ink used for different purposes such as dove’s blood ink, bat’s blood ink and dragon’s blood ink? Such inks and mixtures came from voodoo, Santeria and hoodoo. And that is the traditions where Filipino sorcery came from. So I think an ink from those will be helpful. I want to know how to contact my spirit guides. I’m desperate…cause I know every people in this world have a spirit guide or a guardian angel or whatever you call it. thank you for your help, really."

First of all, Kulam came from the spirits whether it be demons or other supernatural beings. It did not come barely from the tradition you mentioned. Kulam is power and its power can be attained by operating the assigned methods for it. You may ask why there are similarities from other traditions, well the occult are taught by the supernaturals, these beings although from different parts of the world still has the same essence. These beings make us use what resources we have around us. So I can say that they never really asked our ancestors to build or swim in a bath tub just for the aid of the spirits to be acquired. Therefore it's a bit comical for you to think that kulam came from "voodoo", "santeria", and "hoodoo" when the truth is you don't have any idea how our occult culture is.

Second, you already want to know how to invoke them when on the first place you don't even understand and respect them. These beings which you qoute as "whatever you call it" requires its receiver to be disciplined. You can't just acquire them by writing a pact on a piece of paper using the blood of a dove, dragon(?), and a bat. Even if you are using the blood of batman it will never work. You need patience, sacrifices, and discipline to yourself first. You need to undergo a lot of methods to acquire one, unless acquiring it by means of inheriting it. I inherited three supernatural mentors, and no, i didn't sink in a bath tub to inherit them, she taught me what to do after i receive it and when the time came, she simply touched me with her hands before she passed away.

Lastly, do you even have the guts to talk to spirits?

Monday, September 3, 2007

To Cause Swelling to the Face

This kulam is specifically to make one side of a person's face swell. But 2 years ago, I casted it to my feet and hands and it worked(yes, the best way to empower and test rituals is to test it to yourself or to your family or relatives before doing it to others). So maybe you can use this not only to the person's face but to his/her other body parts as well. But I can't guarantee that it will work to the other parts of the body if YOU use it. This ritual has the prescription of reciting an orasyon but the orasyon is not necessary(depends on how violent you want the outcome to be, i did not use an orasyon when I casted it to myself but it made a terrible outcome) Now this is what you need and have to do:

You should buy a WHITE handkerchief at tuesday or friday ONLY. And three white candles.


At Tuesday ONLY. You should acquire the sweat of your victim by wiping his/her face(if you are empowered, other parts of his/her body) with the white handkerchief. Fold the handkerchief three times and then hide it somewhere.

Friday 6pm or 11-12 midnight. Get the white handkerchief. Light three white candles. Candles should be in triangular format. One candle on upper middle and the other candles on both left and right side.

Without the orasyon:
Hold the candle(candle from the middle - top) and stare at its flame and visualize the part of the person where you wiped the handkerchief(I recommend for you to wipe the left side) swelling and in pain. If anger is the cause then much better. Visualize it for a minute and then drop melted wax on the handkerchief while visualizing(drop melted wax where the sweat of the victim is). You should visualize while dropping melted wax. After that, fold the handkerchief three times again and hide it. Visit your victim and see the outcome.

With orasyon:

I wouldn't really recommend it since you are not empowered to recite it. You see, I am vested with the power of revenge, and most of the kulam that are taught to me don't necessarily need an orasyon for me to make it work, unless i want it to be violent. There are two and which are the ultimate orasyons which are recited for a specific kulam(the second orasyon as the general one). But divulging that orasyon here is unreasonable.

So just focus your anger and concentrate on your visualization and you'll be successful with your kulam.

*Dont wear red when performing kulam rituals
*At friday don't take a bath
*You can attend mass but you should not take the eucharist if you are planning to operate this ritual.
*Generally, and if you are empowered, do not be around or close to thorned plants
*ALWAYS operate in SECRET
*your feet should be touching the ground

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Your Requests Are Giving Me Highblood

I think some of you are asking too much. My advice is for you to do your part as a human being, don't force the world to revolve around you by the use of magic.

Ask me supernatural methods that are what you REALLY need. Rituals that will heal you emotionally, give justice to the innocent, and obtain wisdom, things, and protection by supernatural means. Generally speaking, rituals and orasyons that will help and give justice to your miserable emotional and physical life.

Some of you are asking me rituals which are not valid. I don't have the authority to tell you not to do this and that but if your reasons are not valid(some even make up stories) and just interested in our secret knowledge and tradition then just copy what i write, stop asking me rituals and orasyons for your own PLEASURE. I always say that kulam should be taken as last resort, that is because in this life, some sacrifices and hard efforts should be done first. If those sacrifices and efforts didn't work then let us seek help to the supernatural.

Not to offend the senders of these requests but these are the types of requests which I do not like:

*orasyons to get high grades in school
-STUDYING IS THE BEST SOLUTION, even I went to school, and I never used orasyons just to be best in school.

*multiple ritual requests
-I know some lives a terrible life but they should ask me what they REALLY need. It seems that some are requesting rituals for the perfection of their life.

*requests of contradicting rituals
-some asks me to teach them orasyons and rituals to fix relationship problems but then ask me another ritual on how to break up a couple.

*people who are very unreasonable
-somebody asked me to curse a person because that person is courted by her long time crush.

*people who wants me to perform a ritual for them as if I am obliged to do things for them

*ritual requests which are very impossible to have a successful and potent outcome to the one who requested it
-some begs me for gayuma rituals and orasyons which do not require pictures, name, things and other materials from the person whom the gayuma will be casted upon. even the most diabolical witch here in our country cannot perform that ritual without those things.

*my home address and phone number
-I don't want to be famous because of my gifts. I don't offer services to those I do not even know. Just do what I write. Don't bribe me to perform rituals for you. And I don't want to divulge who and what I am to our country, because if you think that being called a mangkukulam sounds powerful to you, then you are wrong. Witches are stabbed, burned, and shot to death here in our area.

If you are seeking perfection by supernatural means and seeks the answer from me then you are asking the wrong person. Has it never occurred to you that I could have made myself perfect by the use of the gifts that i have? Don't abuse people who teach you wisdom for free.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A Very Simple Kulam

I will teach you this very simple kulam because a lot of you are so lazy to operate some of the rituals that I have given. This won't need an orasyon(and mind you, not all kulam requires an orasyon). Just pure anger and an easy instruction to follow.


Tuesday 6PM. Light 4 white candles. Write the person's full name in a white 1/4 paper with a new black pen. Get three siling labuyo(or any chili). And wipe the three siling labuyo on the entire side of the paper where the name is written. Make sure that the essence of the siling labuyo is wiped to the entire side of the paper where the name is written. Next is to focus your anger to the person while imagining him/her experiencing a burning sensation all over his/her body.

You will then crumple the paper with the three siling labuyo inside it and then cover it with a black cloth. Hide it somewhere.

Friday 6pm. Burn it while focusing and visualizing again. You can then pay a visit to him/her the next day and see how the effect is according to your operation.

-Write his/her name in this format. *Full name son/daughter of "mother's name"*
-Dont wear anything of the color red when operating this kulam and any other kulam
-Becareful with the siling labuyo, you might end up wiping your hand with it
-Anger is important so make sure you focus it
-Be reasonable. If it is your fault then why take revenge? If there are other options in dealing with the person then take that option. Make kulam as your last resort.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Translations of the Orasyons and Alternatives for the Rituals?

Orasyons are words of power. They are given by the supernaturals and the divine for the purpose of utilizing its power for specific use, it is not meant to be understood and should remain a mystery.

There are some orasyons which are given and recited in the mother tongue of its receiver. But this kind of orasyons are usually accompanied by the orasyons which its meaning is a mystery to us.

You can translate to your mother tongue the orasyons which we understand but you must recite the orasyons which are suppose to be recited the way it was given to us. In its original form.

So to those who have been requesting for the translations of these orasyons and alternatives for the rituals i taught, just FOLLOW THE GIVEN INSTRUCTIONS. If you don't then that only means that you are undisciplined and those who are undisciplined will never achieve the potency of the rituals I given. For your information, acquiring this prayers and rituals is not as easy as how you got to this page. It requires a lot of responsibilities and obligations. You are lucky because all you have to do is to copy whatever it is written in this page. And yet you are still not contented with what is written here.

May I curse those who go here just to entertain themselves by trying every rituals without valid purpose. I curse them to never attain all the potency of the supernatural knowledge given to mankind. And curse them who do the rituals without valid purpose, that may the rituals they have operated may cause them 7 folds of terrible result.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Candle Of Death

This is suppose to be known as the "Kandila ti Diablo". This candle with the prescribed ritual will cause sickness and even death to those who successfully crafted this candle. Now how do we make this candle?

First, you need to gather used or melted wax from a church(be at any day). Then at Friday at exactly 6pm or after that, get fair amounts of soil near or in the chapel of a cemetery. Go home and don't look back at the cemetery. Keep the soil in a bottle. And after keeping the soil, light two candles and write this orasyon in a piece of paper with a new pen:

"Domine Deus uwirtutum, conuwerte nos et ostende faciem tuam et saluwi erimus"

and pronounce it over the wax and the bottled soil for 9 times. Hide the wax, soil, and the orasyon in a safe place and wait until Tuesday.

When Tuesday come, prepare the materials needed for candle making. I don't really have to explain everything about candle making, do i? What's important is that you have the bottled soil, wax from a Church and the orasyon written on a paper which will be mixed to your candle. If I were you, I'm going to make a candle enough for multiple use.
*I use black crayola to color a candle black, you can buy another wax at sari sari stores to add up to your candle size.

Now if you are not brave enough then stop reading the instructions because you have to make this candle at 11pm.

Next is to burn the written orasyon and mix the ashes with the boiling water. Stir three times clockwise. add soil(which you got from the cemetery vicinity, not all of it just little amount) stir three times clockwise. Then you will now add the wax from a church and regular wax and fair amount of black crayola to color it black. Then just do and finish the candle making process.
*I use cans to put in melted wax but you can use anything just make yourself an appropriate candle.

After you successfully crafted your candle just hide it in a place where it will not be exposed to sunlight. You can start performing the ritual on Friday at 6pm.


Friday(or Tuesday) at 6pm. Hold the candle and think of the person who caused you great harm. Concentrate your hatred to him and say his name 9x clearly and slowly focusing your hatred to him. Then you will pronounce the powerful and potent orasyon(which i will not divulge here) three times still focusing your hatred to the person. After the orasyon. Think of the person in great agony and illness then blow the light of the candle to the direction where the person is living(North, South, East, NorthEast, etc..).

Hide the candle and repeat the ritual again the following Tuesday(or Friday).

Repeating the ritual three consecutive times will give the person a terrible illness. More than that is destructive to the enemy.

Monday, August 20, 2007

To ward off ghosts

This is a very powerful orasyon against them.

"Aleluya Aggey et Zaccharias lauda anima mea Dominum laudabo Dominum in vita mea salyam Deo meo quamdyu fuero nolite confidere in principibus in filiis hominum quibus non est salus exibit spiritus eyus et revertetur in terram suam in ilya diye peribunt omnes cogitationes eyorum beyatus kuwiyus Deus Jacob adiyutor eyus espes eyus in Domino Deo ipsyus kwi fecit caelum et terram mare et omnia kuwae in eis kwi custodit veritatem in saeculum facit iyudicium inyuriam patientibus dat escam esurientibus Dominus solvit conpeditos Dominus inluminat kaycos Dominus erigit adlisos Dominus diligit iyustos Dominus custodit advenas pupillum et viduam susipiet et viam peccatorum disperdet regnabit Dominus in saecula Deus tuus Sion in generationem et generationem"

I will post after the candle of death a charm which you can put outside your house against them.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


When it comes to Filipino Sorcery or atleast based in my specialty, revenge spells and rituals has the most number of methods. The picture above(thanks to my nephew for letting me use his camera) is just an example of "Kulam" which I put upon a person by request. But before I go further, let me first tell you that I am not liable to the divine for doing this. This is asked of me by another person and so, that person shall be the one liable for the Kulam that I am inflicting.

Before I curse someone, either because it is asked for me to do it or it is my will as revenge for the harm caused to me, I consult San Antonio first if it is reasonable to do it. There is a certain ritual done which unfortunately I won't divulge here, to ask San Antonio if it is reasonable to put Kulam to somebody who caused me harm. But I will discuss everything about that in my future post.

Now the picture above is a type of kulam I used which uses a sacred oil and pins. First is to recite the necessary orasyon to the picture and then the orasyon for the doll. The person in the picture is very lucky because I had to make a doll specially made for him. I then dipped the first needle to the sacred oil and heated it to the candle flame and then recited an orasyon before sticking the needle to his head. I sticked two needles to his head which not only caused him to realize his wrongdoings but also gave him a painful headache.

You may ask what is the wooden mortar doing on the table(speaking of table, that is the kind of round table I want you all to use), since I only afflict Kulam to him on Tuesday and Friday, I always put the wooden mortar on the round table just in case he consults an "albularyo" while I am in the middle of the ritual. The wooden mortar accompanied by powerful orasyons will help me to easily free myself from the albularyo's power when confrontation is invoked. I guess I can say that the wooden mortar serves as a door for me.

If you would look closer at the belly of the doll, you may notice a black spot on it. That was the first Kulam that i afflicted upon him. I put strong chili or "siling labuyo" in his stomach that gave him a terrible stomach burn. It is done by reciting an orasyon and then sticking a needle to a chili and into the belly of the doll. This is actually a very simple method because this kind of method don't need the assistance of the malevolent spirits and spirit guardians.

I hope you learned something from this post.

*Next post will be either the Candle of Death(Kandila ti Diablo) or an orasyon to help whoever that person who said she is being bothered by ghosts..

Saturday, August 4, 2007

The Love Spell(Finally I am back)

This is the last orasyon that is needed for the previous ritual that i posted..

"Jesus Maria Berdenyo et Curo Tenaman" this should be recited 7 times just after you dropped the underwear in the pan. This is also the orasyon that should be recited 3 times the following Friday.

For some reasons i was not able to go online for a long time so I'm sorry to those who expected and waited so long. I will post again as soon as I get the chance to go online.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

GAYUMA - Filipino Love Potion

You must get a used shirt or underwear of the person you love. I suggest for you to get his or her underwear. This time you can use a metalized pan. At Tuesday midnight, boil water and then soak the underwear in the pan. An orasyon should be recited just after you dropped the underwear(e-mail me for the orasyon, sorry but i can't give it publicly). After reciting the orasyon, put the pan where it will not be disturbed. It should NEVER be opened. Wait until Friday.

At Friday at 6pm, take the pan and then recite the necessary orasyon(email me for the orasyon), after the orasyon, turn the pan clockwise for nine times using your both hands. Then the last orasyon should be recited.

Then use the liquid from the pan to make a juice or coffee. You and the person you love should drink it. Outcome will be after three days.

*Offer three candles to the Virgin Mary after the ritual.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Future Posts

Another gayuma which is greater than the previous one. Next to that will be an explanation on the ritual of "Candle of death" or also called "Wind of death" for revenge. Next posts will be more on revenge rituals and spells.


I have been receiving a couple of hate mails since I started the "To ward off real witches" post. It is not my intention to hurt the feelings of our Western Practitioners by using the term "fake" and "learning witchcraft thru books". I didn't explain very well what I mean when I used the term.

I hope you understand that I came from the Philippines, and our occult culture is very different from the West, but then again, I do not know much about the occult practices of the West so I am concluding that as my own opinion. When i used the term "fake witches who learns witchcraft thru witchcraft books" I mean people here in our country who buys occult books at our local bookstores, read about it a bit and then fool people for their money by appearing at TV shows, newspapers et al., claiming that people in need of occult assistance should come to their office and will be charged only "little" amounts as donations.

I am here to preserve parts of our real occult culture and to help primarily Filipinos, but other nationalities are welcome to ask for rituals and orasyons too. So pretentious witches here in our country who charge money to people desperate of help, in exchange for their ineffective rituals and without Supernatural guidance is for me very disturbing.

I do not charge money to people who ask me for rituals and Orasyons. When somebody comes to me for help, I only ask them to buy the materials that are needed. I sometimes even give what is in my cupboard for free and just ask them for candles. I also do not take donations. All I ask to those who come to me is clandestineness, for I don't want the whole country to know what I am. I am just an ordinary person blessed with a supernatural gift. Other nationalities may not understand the process on how "albularyos" or witchdoctors catch a witch or a sorcerer thru the body of the bewitched, but I must point out that the punishments are very severe once discovered as a witch or a sorcerer, a real one.

I think I have already explained enough what I meant and I APOLOGIZE to those who are offended with the terms that i used. It is not my intention to insult other practices like some people thought. I am also not claiming that my rituals are stronger than yours. I just want to help those who need Spiritual justice and assistance, nothing more.

Again, I apologize. I hope this ends all the misconceptions.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Copying My Orasyons

You are free to copy the orasyons that i provide but you should follow the guidelines on the right way to copy and of keeping it.

1. DONT copy it using electricity(printing etc).

2. Write it in your own libreta, a small notebook dedicated to the orasyons and its uses. Write it on a Friday at 6pm.

3. NEVER take your libretas in a funeral and places where the Holy Sacrament is being done. I will explain in my future posts the only time you can take your libretas where the Holy Sacrament is being done.

4. NEVER skip or jump over your libretas.

5. Use only a Pen which is dedicated for the writing of your orasyons.

6. NEVER cover it with a red cloth.

7. Treat your libretas with respect.

I guess that is all i need to tell you. I will teach you what to do with your libretas and orasyons in Holy Week in my future posts.

On Stolen/Lost Things

They taught me, If the thing is not yet sold or not been given to another person by the thief then the lost thing will come back because of your prayers. First, this ritual was taught to me by my spirit guide. So when i was instructed that i should sit on the middle of the stairs which is infront of our house altar, it is because this ritual is taught to me according to my location and the resources that i have. But this doesn't mean that other people can't use it. If you have stairs in your house but don't have an altar infront of it then just put an altar infront of the stairs and sit on the very middle(14 steps, at the 7th ofcourse) when performing this ritual. But if you don't have stairs, i think it can be acceptable to do the ritual only with an altar. You must also know where the thing is located before it was stolen. And i suggest to do this ritual ONLY for a thing which is very important. If you can buy another of that thing without difficulty then you don't have to do this method.

On a Friday, get 4 small stones in the vicinity of a church at 3pm. Light two white candles in your altar at 6pm and then sit at the middle of your stairs facing your altar. If you don't have stairs then kneel infront of your altar. Hold the four stones tightly, two stones at each hand.

Then recite this Orasyons:


Tribu tergum quod es mei, operor ecce cruccem domine
per sanctus calex de Deus, Tribu tergum quod es mei (3x)

Then close it with this orasyon:

Santo Antonio ut vos votum , vestri palyum libri de preses eram donatus tergum vobis. Precor iyam pro totus nostrum quisnam es absentis res maximus quod carus. Voveo totus quisnam es absentis fides spes vel amisitia de deus. Voveo nos quisnam es absentis amisitia vel parentes per nex. Voveo totus quisnam es absentis pacis de mens vel fasmatis. Precor ut nos badum exsisto donatus novus spes , novus fides , novus diligo. Precor ut absentis res , necessarius quod benevolens nobis badum exsisto reverto ut nostrum servo. Sive seu , nos expeto persevero en nostrum damnum , precor ut nos badum exsisto donatus sarcalogos levamentum quod pacis.


Recite the second orasyon only once. Then go to the location of the lost thing and surround it with the 4 stones in square position. Surround the "thing" not the whole room.

If the ritual is done as i intstructed and the orasyons are pronounced correctly. Then you should find the lost thing in the middle of the 4 stones the next morning. This is done up to three fridays, if it doesn't appear after the third friday then it might have been sold or given away by the thief to another person.

I have numerous rituals of finding lost things and thiefs. I will post other methods in the future.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

GAYUMA - Filipino Love Spell

Gayuma is not new to Filipinos. There are other witches who focused more on concocting and giving out love potions and spells, they are called "manggagayuma". The one i will share to you might not be the strongest but i can assure you that it is very effective.

You will need a picture of the person you love and a new small "banga" - a new jar which should only be used in this ritual. On a tuesday or friday at 6pm light two red and white candles on a round wooden table, the red candles internal and white candles external.

Get the picture of the person you love and then recite this orasyon three times:


And then followed by these orasyons three times:


Pater noster qui es in caelis sanctificetur nomen tuum. Adveniat regnum tuum. Fiat voluntas tua sicut in caelo et in terra. Panem nostrum quotidianum da nobis hodie et dimitte nobis debita nostra sicut et nos dimittimus debitoribus nostris. Et ne nos inducas in tentationem sed libera nos a malo.

Ave maria gratia plena dominus tecum. Benedicta tu in mulieribus et benedictus fructus ventris tui Jesus. Sancta Maria Mater Dei ora pro nobis peccatoribus nunc et in hora mortis nostrae.

Gloria Patri et Filio et Spiritui Sancto. Sicut erat in principio et nunc et semper et in saecula saeculorum.

Then shout the complete name of the person on the empty banga(jar). Next, put the picture inside the jar and then just hide the jar where it will not be seen. The spell usually takes effect after three days.

*the second orasyons should all be recited before repeating it three times. not three magi.. three..pater..etc.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Antidote For Gayuma(Love Potion)

A reader asked me to post Gayuma method. I will post that method tomorrow but first let me give the antidote for all types of Gayuma(Love Potions and Spells). It will dispel any Gayuma methods done to a person.

The key is to mix "blue alum crystals" in a boiling "rain water"..Don't use any metalized pans.. Make the bewitched drink it and the Gayuma will be dispeled. You can keep the excess mix and you can use it in the future if needed.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

To Ward Off REAL Witches - The Incantation

I didn't include an Orasyon to the charm i mentioned about warding off REAL witches.. It's really hard to just give away incantations which are provided by the spirits for my own use. But then i thought that i should just share it to you to complete the ritual i mentioned.

After you placed the broomstick at the door, recite this incantation three times.

Kristo + Cruz + Cruz + Benedictus + Cruz + Impactus + Miserenobis + Natos

When the witch is already inside your house, recite it again three times infront of the image of your patron saint, Jesus or the Virgin Mary.

*The Orasyon i provided isn't only for this ritual..

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Incantation Against Mischievous Supernatural Beings

I don't exactly know which type of Orasyon is being requested by our reader..

Some people here in our area complain for being lost in the forest, they already mastered the routes but they still get lost, why do this happen? In most cases, it is caused by supernatural beings(commonly dwarves and "engkantadas") making fun of people.. A lot have already asked me for an incantation against mischievous supernatural beings and this is the most potent of all the Orasyon that i have:


Recite this three times if you suspect that mischievous supernatural beings are making fun of you. This can be used against all mischievous supernatural beings, no matter what the situation is. You can also write this in a small white paper and wear it on your waist..

To Ward Off REAL Witches

And by real witches, i mean witches who have spirits as their mentors. I know there are witches who claims to be a witch just because they read a book about witchcraft..I'm sorry but those types are not genuine witch. They are ofcourse FAKE.

Anyway, if you suspect somebody to be a witch(a real one) then you can test her by inviting her to your house.. What you need to do is to put a broomstick upside down in the left side of your main door. That simple.. The witch can never enter your house with that simple charm..

But what i usually suggest is to first make a witch enter your house before putting the broomstick at the door. When the witch is already inside the house then put the broomstick upside down at the left side of the main door.. If he/she is really a witch then what he/she will do is to make recurrent goodbyes. . BUT, you will notice that she will walk back and forth from the main door and to you, saying goodbye to you and then going back to the main door and to you again. That's because she can't go out with the upside down broomstick placed at the side of the door..

But i must point out that you let them go before they whisper an orasyon to you... I will do the same thing if somebody do this to me.

*orasyon for this is in the other post.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Potions for Protection

There are so many types of potions for protection. There are potions which is used to protect a person from a witch, a supernatural being, hexes, malign magics, unnatural misfortunes and demons.

I will give one which can be generally used but i must say that this is not the most strongest of all.

Gather one clear small bottle, three guava leaves(just small leaves), coconut oil, salt, a coal, a small crucifix(small enough to fit inside the bottle) two candles, two white paper and a new black pen. All of those should only be bought on Tuesday or Friday. If you bought all of it on Tuesday then do the ritual on a Friday vice versa. On a Tuesday or Friday at 6pm or just after sunset, light the two candles and get all the materials needed and put it on the altar of your patron saint. It is not really necessary but i always recommend those i teach to have an altar for their patron saint and of Jesus and the Virgin Mary. Now, put the three guava leaves(you can shred it), salt and coal inside the bottle then put coconut oil inside, filling half of the bottle.

After doing all of those, write your full name in capital letters on a 1/8 piece of paper. Then write these orasyons on the other 1/8 paper in the format i will indicate.


You will then put the two papers together in the manner that your name will be covered by the written orasyon when folded. Fold it three times and then insert it inside the bottle. Then recite the orasyon three times whispering it to the opening of the bottle. After that, put the crucifix inside the bottle and close it tightly. It should never be opened unless you will use the oil.

Just put it on your altar overnight and then you can take it the next morning and place it at the side of your main door or you can take it with you anywhere. If you feel that you are being supernaturally harmed then just shake the bottle and those who means you harm will leave you alone.

*the black pen cannot be used again in any other rituals
*do this in discreet

This is just a simple potion which is requested by someone. I can teach you other potions or orasyons for specified use.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

If You Are Being Hexed -- Counter magic

If you suspect that you are being bewitched then what you should do is to gather your own urine in a tuesday or friday at 6pm..Put it in a non metal container, then put iron nails or any sharp objects in the container and then boil it.. Once your urine boils, the one who cursed you shall feel the pain of the pricking iron nails and of the other sharp objects. The caster will definitely take off the curse he placed upon you.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Origin of Supernatural Power and Knowledge

Our ancestors were given different supernatural powers and knowledge by the spirit world and from God. This enabled our ancestors to:

1. Heal
2. Have wide knowledge of the properties of herbs
3. Foretell the future
4. Find lost things and persons
5. Procure Love
6. Harm or Kill a person in great distance
7. Communicate with supernatural beings and the souls of the dead

All this can be done by the aid of the supernatural. And the list of gift of knowledge and power the supernatural bestowed to our ancestors are almost endless. But not all men were privileged to receive this gift. The spirits and the supreme being carefully chosen those who are worthy.

After the power is given, it is up for the one who received it to decide on whom he will pass the knowledge and power. Some were already trained by the masters at an early age and some just received it on the death bed of the sorcerer, healer or a witch. But in most cases, it is passed on to their next generation. And so, it became more of a tradition to pass on their power and knowledge to the next generation as it was passed on to them.

And this gift is passed on to me by a relative. I was given 3 supernatural mentors whom I consult and ask for aid everytime I perform a ritual. They taught me sacred incantations which we call "Orasyons" here in the Philippines. I use "orasyons" to empower all of the rituals that i perform. Most of the knowledge taught to me are:

1. Kulam - The Filipino black art of revenge by the use of black dolls. I can harm a person by the use of dolls which are empowered by the spirits and by the orasyons.

2. Gayuma - Procurement of love by supernatural means. Gayuma can cause a person to love you. But i must point out that Gayuma doesn't really cause love, it only causes infatuation and OBSESSION which in time shall fade all by itself.

3. Paktol - Commands the spirit of the owner of the skull to cause illness and death to a person.

4. Healing - Only supernatural illnesses can be healed. And also the reversal of Kulam.

5. Orasyons - Sacred incantations which are given by the spirits every Good Friday. This is very important because orasyons are used to empower the last 4 knowledges that were taught to me.

Those are the main gifts that were taught to me. Lesser knowledge of the supernatural sorcery is all about daily life and is most used by the help of an orasyon. And like what have i said earlier, supernatural knowledge is almost endless, you just need to consult the supernatural if we want to know more..

Why do i divulge this knowledge?

I decided to divulge SOME of the rituals i know for the reason that i want people to have an idea of the ritual methods taught by the supernatural beings. I will explain the methods but will not give the orasyon for empowerment if the ritual is about harming a person or worst killing them. However, i can share you some of the rituals which i think is "justified" for your use against people who harmed you. I will also share some of the Love spells and healing methods that i know. And Orasyons that you can use for the betterment of your life and for protection.

Remember, harming somebody by the use of Kulam is only acceptable if the case is brutal. It might only go back to you or your family seven folds if you will only use it for fun.

I might post rituals everyday so if you want to study the True Filipino Witchcraft and Sorcery then visit this blog regularly. I will also monitor those who are really interested, if i see that you really want to learn, then i might share some of my greater orasyons and rituals.