Sunday, February 24, 2008

To Cause Bleeding to a Woman

You should acquire either a hair, nails, cloth with her sweat or a personal belonging that she had worn for a long time(perhaps a watch, ring, earring etc..) and the most important – a black cat. The time this ritual can only be done is at Friday at 12 midnight up to 3am. Light three black candles, take a black cat to your lap, look into its eyes and while staring at its eyes, mention the name of your victim 9 times and then pat the cat under its jaw three times. Then mention the name of your victim for 9 times again and then pat the top of its head three times. Then mention the name again for 9 times and pat its right cheek for three times. Then lastly, mention the name for 9 times and pat its left cheek three times. You should then tie the required object from her to the cat. Take note that when you mention her name and pat whatever part is required, to visualize the face of your victim. Then tie the black cat to a tree which is large enough that its diameter can never reach each of your hands when you try to hug it. Or basically, a tree that might have been a decade old. When tied, cut any part of the black cat’s body with a knife so that it will bleed slowly. When the cat’s wound heals, cut it again only at the hour prescribed.

Now the effect of this ritual won’t literally cause bleeding, because that is another ritual and much harder to perform. This will cause the victim the feeling of losing blood very slowly but it won’t cause her death. She should feel dizzy, vomit and feel so much like dying. And also, your victim should feel cold to the part where the cat is wounded. When the cat dies, the spell is lifted. But there are things you can do to continue the spell like making your victim lose her mind, but I will not divulge something like that which is very diabolical here for now. So just follow what I instructed and those who has caused you harm shall get what they deserve. ONLY what they deserve.

Now you may ask, what if the one who has caused you harm is a MAN. Then just change the black cat with a black dog. A dog which is not a year old. And it shall get the same effect. Using cats other than black colored will require an orasyon to take effect.

To Cause a Terrible Fever

I have to suggest this because this ritual doesn’t necessarily need an orasyon to take effect. What you need is anything that has been worn or touched for sometime by your victim, and by victim, I mean the one who has caused you harm or wrong doing. On a Friday or Tuesday at 6pm or 12 midnight. Tie his/her personal belonging to a black doll(a doll which is not prepared specially for a single person, a doll used for multiple curses – yes, you should have one or three of it. I have five.) You tie what you have from that person with a black string(sinulid). Tie the “thing” at the front side. Tie the black string three times and knot the string at the back side of the black doll. Do this not being seen and with two candles as your only light. You should then put the doll at the left side of your “kalan”, it is actually suggested that it should be placed under the “kalan” itself but if that is not possible then place it at the left side. Now everytime fire is lighted in the kalan, visualize in great anger that your victim is experiencing the heat of fire. And so, fever shall come to your victim.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Holy Week is Near Coming

I'm sorry to keep my students waiting.. But I was sick for sometime and unable to spend time to teach you rituals and orasyons. But now that I am back, I will continue to write here and teach more. The Holy Week is approaching and it is the most important week in Filipino Sorcery. I will do my best to divulge methods and rituals. Probably this week. But for now, I will have to sort what i can teach and what not. Just keep on coming back because I will be posting other orasyons and rituals soon.