Thursday, August 30, 2007

Your Requests Are Giving Me Highblood

I think some of you are asking too much. My advice is for you to do your part as a human being, don't force the world to revolve around you by the use of magic.

Ask me supernatural methods that are what you REALLY need. Rituals that will heal you emotionally, give justice to the innocent, and obtain wisdom, things, and protection by supernatural means. Generally speaking, rituals and orasyons that will help and give justice to your miserable emotional and physical life.

Some of you are asking me rituals which are not valid. I don't have the authority to tell you not to do this and that but if your reasons are not valid(some even make up stories) and just interested in our secret knowledge and tradition then just copy what i write, stop asking me rituals and orasyons for your own PLEASURE. I always say that kulam should be taken as last resort, that is because in this life, some sacrifices and hard efforts should be done first. If those sacrifices and efforts didn't work then let us seek help to the supernatural.

Not to offend the senders of these requests but these are the types of requests which I do not like:

*orasyons to get high grades in school
-STUDYING IS THE BEST SOLUTION, even I went to school, and I never used orasyons just to be best in school.

*multiple ritual requests
-I know some lives a terrible life but they should ask me what they REALLY need. It seems that some are requesting rituals for the perfection of their life.

*requests of contradicting rituals
-some asks me to teach them orasyons and rituals to fix relationship problems but then ask me another ritual on how to break up a couple.

*people who are very unreasonable
-somebody asked me to curse a person because that person is courted by her long time crush.

*people who wants me to perform a ritual for them as if I am obliged to do things for them

*ritual requests which are very impossible to have a successful and potent outcome to the one who requested it
-some begs me for gayuma rituals and orasyons which do not require pictures, name, things and other materials from the person whom the gayuma will be casted upon. even the most diabolical witch here in our country cannot perform that ritual without those things.

*my home address and phone number
-I don't want to be famous because of my gifts. I don't offer services to those I do not even know. Just do what I write. Don't bribe me to perform rituals for you. And I don't want to divulge who and what I am to our country, because if you think that being called a mangkukulam sounds powerful to you, then you are wrong. Witches are stabbed, burned, and shot to death here in our area.

If you are seeking perfection by supernatural means and seeks the answer from me then you are asking the wrong person. Has it never occurred to you that I could have made myself perfect by the use of the gifts that i have? Don't abuse people who teach you wisdom for free.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A Very Simple Kulam

I will teach you this very simple kulam because a lot of you are so lazy to operate some of the rituals that I have given. This won't need an orasyon(and mind you, not all kulam requires an orasyon). Just pure anger and an easy instruction to follow.


Tuesday 6PM. Light 4 white candles. Write the person's full name in a white 1/4 paper with a new black pen. Get three siling labuyo(or any chili). And wipe the three siling labuyo on the entire side of the paper where the name is written. Make sure that the essence of the siling labuyo is wiped to the entire side of the paper where the name is written. Next is to focus your anger to the person while imagining him/her experiencing a burning sensation all over his/her body.

You will then crumple the paper with the three siling labuyo inside it and then cover it with a black cloth. Hide it somewhere.

Friday 6pm. Burn it while focusing and visualizing again. You can then pay a visit to him/her the next day and see how the effect is according to your operation.

-Write his/her name in this format. *Full name son/daughter of "mother's name"*
-Dont wear anything of the color red when operating this kulam and any other kulam
-Becareful with the siling labuyo, you might end up wiping your hand with it
-Anger is important so make sure you focus it
-Be reasonable. If it is your fault then why take revenge? If there are other options in dealing with the person then take that option. Make kulam as your last resort.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Translations of the Orasyons and Alternatives for the Rituals?

Orasyons are words of power. They are given by the supernaturals and the divine for the purpose of utilizing its power for specific use, it is not meant to be understood and should remain a mystery.

There are some orasyons which are given and recited in the mother tongue of its receiver. But this kind of orasyons are usually accompanied by the orasyons which its meaning is a mystery to us.

You can translate to your mother tongue the orasyons which we understand but you must recite the orasyons which are suppose to be recited the way it was given to us. In its original form.

So to those who have been requesting for the translations of these orasyons and alternatives for the rituals i taught, just FOLLOW THE GIVEN INSTRUCTIONS. If you don't then that only means that you are undisciplined and those who are undisciplined will never achieve the potency of the rituals I given. For your information, acquiring this prayers and rituals is not as easy as how you got to this page. It requires a lot of responsibilities and obligations. You are lucky because all you have to do is to copy whatever it is written in this page. And yet you are still not contented with what is written here.

May I curse those who go here just to entertain themselves by trying every rituals without valid purpose. I curse them to never attain all the potency of the supernatural knowledge given to mankind. And curse them who do the rituals without valid purpose, that may the rituals they have operated may cause them 7 folds of terrible result.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Candle Of Death

This is suppose to be known as the "Kandila ti Diablo". This candle with the prescribed ritual will cause sickness and even death to those who successfully crafted this candle. Now how do we make this candle?

First, you need to gather used or melted wax from a church(be at any day). Then at Friday at exactly 6pm or after that, get fair amounts of soil near or in the chapel of a cemetery. Go home and don't look back at the cemetery. Keep the soil in a bottle. And after keeping the soil, light two candles and write this orasyon in a piece of paper with a new pen:

"Domine Deus uwirtutum, conuwerte nos et ostende faciem tuam et saluwi erimus"

and pronounce it over the wax and the bottled soil for 9 times. Hide the wax, soil, and the orasyon in a safe place and wait until Tuesday.

When Tuesday come, prepare the materials needed for candle making. I don't really have to explain everything about candle making, do i? What's important is that you have the bottled soil, wax from a Church and the orasyon written on a paper which will be mixed to your candle. If I were you, I'm going to make a candle enough for multiple use.
*I use black crayola to color a candle black, you can buy another wax at sari sari stores to add up to your candle size.

Now if you are not brave enough then stop reading the instructions because you have to make this candle at 11pm.

Next is to burn the written orasyon and mix the ashes with the boiling water. Stir three times clockwise. add soil(which you got from the cemetery vicinity, not all of it just little amount) stir three times clockwise. Then you will now add the wax from a church and regular wax and fair amount of black crayola to color it black. Then just do and finish the candle making process.
*I use cans to put in melted wax but you can use anything just make yourself an appropriate candle.

After you successfully crafted your candle just hide it in a place where it will not be exposed to sunlight. You can start performing the ritual on Friday at 6pm.


Friday(or Tuesday) at 6pm. Hold the candle and think of the person who caused you great harm. Concentrate your hatred to him and say his name 9x clearly and slowly focusing your hatred to him. Then you will pronounce the powerful and potent orasyon(which i will not divulge here) three times still focusing your hatred to the person. After the orasyon. Think of the person in great agony and illness then blow the light of the candle to the direction where the person is living(North, South, East, NorthEast, etc..).

Hide the candle and repeat the ritual again the following Tuesday(or Friday).

Repeating the ritual three consecutive times will give the person a terrible illness. More than that is destructive to the enemy.

Monday, August 20, 2007

To ward off ghosts

This is a very powerful orasyon against them.

"Aleluya Aggey et Zaccharias lauda anima mea Dominum laudabo Dominum in vita mea salyam Deo meo quamdyu fuero nolite confidere in principibus in filiis hominum quibus non est salus exibit spiritus eyus et revertetur in terram suam in ilya diye peribunt omnes cogitationes eyorum beyatus kuwiyus Deus Jacob adiyutor eyus espes eyus in Domino Deo ipsyus kwi fecit caelum et terram mare et omnia kuwae in eis kwi custodit veritatem in saeculum facit iyudicium inyuriam patientibus dat escam esurientibus Dominus solvit conpeditos Dominus inluminat kaycos Dominus erigit adlisos Dominus diligit iyustos Dominus custodit advenas pupillum et viduam susipiet et viam peccatorum disperdet regnabit Dominus in saecula Deus tuus Sion in generationem et generationem"

I will post after the candle of death a charm which you can put outside your house against them.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


When it comes to Filipino Sorcery or atleast based in my specialty, revenge spells and rituals has the most number of methods. The picture above(thanks to my nephew for letting me use his camera) is just an example of "Kulam" which I put upon a person by request. But before I go further, let me first tell you that I am not liable to the divine for doing this. This is asked of me by another person and so, that person shall be the one liable for the Kulam that I am inflicting.

Before I curse someone, either because it is asked for me to do it or it is my will as revenge for the harm caused to me, I consult San Antonio first if it is reasonable to do it. There is a certain ritual done which unfortunately I won't divulge here, to ask San Antonio if it is reasonable to put Kulam to somebody who caused me harm. But I will discuss everything about that in my future post.

Now the picture above is a type of kulam I used which uses a sacred oil and pins. First is to recite the necessary orasyon to the picture and then the orasyon for the doll. The person in the picture is very lucky because I had to make a doll specially made for him. I then dipped the first needle to the sacred oil and heated it to the candle flame and then recited an orasyon before sticking the needle to his head. I sticked two needles to his head which not only caused him to realize his wrongdoings but also gave him a painful headache.

You may ask what is the wooden mortar doing on the table(speaking of table, that is the kind of round table I want you all to use), since I only afflict Kulam to him on Tuesday and Friday, I always put the wooden mortar on the round table just in case he consults an "albularyo" while I am in the middle of the ritual. The wooden mortar accompanied by powerful orasyons will help me to easily free myself from the albularyo's power when confrontation is invoked. I guess I can say that the wooden mortar serves as a door for me.

If you would look closer at the belly of the doll, you may notice a black spot on it. That was the first Kulam that i afflicted upon him. I put strong chili or "siling labuyo" in his stomach that gave him a terrible stomach burn. It is done by reciting an orasyon and then sticking a needle to a chili and into the belly of the doll. This is actually a very simple method because this kind of method don't need the assistance of the malevolent spirits and spirit guardians.

I hope you learned something from this post.

*Next post will be either the Candle of Death(Kandila ti Diablo) or an orasyon to help whoever that person who said she is being bothered by ghosts..

Saturday, August 4, 2007

The Love Spell(Finally I am back)

This is the last orasyon that is needed for the previous ritual that i posted..

"Jesus Maria Berdenyo et Curo Tenaman" this should be recited 7 times just after you dropped the underwear in the pan. This is also the orasyon that should be recited 3 times the following Friday.

For some reasons i was not able to go online for a long time so I'm sorry to those who expected and waited so long. I will post again as soon as I get the chance to go online.