Thursday, August 30, 2007

Your Requests Are Giving Me Highblood

I think some of you are asking too much. My advice is for you to do your part as a human being, don't force the world to revolve around you by the use of magic.

Ask me supernatural methods that are what you REALLY need. Rituals that will heal you emotionally, give justice to the innocent, and obtain wisdom, things, and protection by supernatural means. Generally speaking, rituals and orasyons that will help and give justice to your miserable emotional and physical life.

Some of you are asking me rituals which are not valid. I don't have the authority to tell you not to do this and that but if your reasons are not valid(some even make up stories) and just interested in our secret knowledge and tradition then just copy what i write, stop asking me rituals and orasyons for your own PLEASURE. I always say that kulam should be taken as last resort, that is because in this life, some sacrifices and hard efforts should be done first. If those sacrifices and efforts didn't work then let us seek help to the supernatural.

Not to offend the senders of these requests but these are the types of requests which I do not like:

*orasyons to get high grades in school
-STUDYING IS THE BEST SOLUTION, even I went to school, and I never used orasyons just to be best in school.

*multiple ritual requests
-I know some lives a terrible life but they should ask me what they REALLY need. It seems that some are requesting rituals for the perfection of their life.

*requests of contradicting rituals
-some asks me to teach them orasyons and rituals to fix relationship problems but then ask me another ritual on how to break up a couple.

*people who are very unreasonable
-somebody asked me to curse a person because that person is courted by her long time crush.

*people who wants me to perform a ritual for them as if I am obliged to do things for them

*ritual requests which are very impossible to have a successful and potent outcome to the one who requested it
-some begs me for gayuma rituals and orasyons which do not require pictures, name, things and other materials from the person whom the gayuma will be casted upon. even the most diabolical witch here in our country cannot perform that ritual without those things.

*my home address and phone number
-I don't want to be famous because of my gifts. I don't offer services to those I do not even know. Just do what I write. Don't bribe me to perform rituals for you. And I don't want to divulge who and what I am to our country, because if you think that being called a mangkukulam sounds powerful to you, then you are wrong. Witches are stabbed, burned, and shot to death here in our area.

If you are seeking perfection by supernatural means and seeks the answer from me then you are asking the wrong person. Has it never occurred to you that I could have made myself perfect by the use of the gifts that i have? Don't abuse people who teach you wisdom for free.


Anonymous said...

I agree, most of the people tend to show off what they've got. Yes and before we do witchcraft, we have to consider our rationality first and try to work things in a normal way. I am nothing against anything moreover, I think phils. is dominated by the christian church, wherein witches are burned and beheaded. I almost have the worst case of my life when a priest saw me and my nanny (a witch) doing the ritual. We almost got ourselves at stake. Witchcraft is a powerful tool, never play around or we might all burn.

Ryam said...

I like this post.
Most specially the comment about
a student who wanted to have high grades.

That was a bulls eye for me ;)

Digital age, we are force to learn
something new... meaning to study
and go back to school.

Actually, my request would be, if granted is... what spell on :how to study diligently... to
make my motivation high.

Thanks its an interesting read.

I hope I will be blessed by that
kind of discipline that you have.

Better and better

Anonymous said...

natawa ako dun sa rituals for high grades.. kailangan talaga mag aral, kasi para sa kapakanan mo rin yan... sana masagot mo yung e-mail ko sayo thanks cathylee

Flightless Bird said...

Hello again FS from Alberta Canada!I am a breast cancer survivor,thanks to God!I've been thru a lot since I came to Canada.First I lost my job,then had Cancer,then towards the end of my treatment my common-law partner dumped me and I was left with nowhere to go,no home,no family.My life here has been tough and so many painful events but I'm still thanking God I am surviving so far.I did my part already,praying for my circumstances,showed my ex ways to prove that I still love him,but nothing worked out.I guess it's time to seek supernatural help.A friend here suggested your site to me because she is also seeking revenge for someone who hurt her badly. We don't know any sorcerers or witches here.We hope with your site you help us both and also be able to avail the book as it would be very helpful to a lot of Filipinos who are overseas. FS, I am a very responsible and mature person and I will be accountable for the orasyon if you will trust it to me or to my friend(we can both share it with each other). Please email me at

Anonymous said...

FS, tulong po!!! matter of life and death po!!! nag-email po ako sa inyo, sana matulungan nyo po ako...salamat po.

AYU said...

mahirap talagang tuklasin bawat ritual at orasyon,
hindi ganun kadaling pag aralan ang lahat.
kaya hindi tapat ito minamadali o pagbubungahan ng sama ng loob o tampo kung hindi tumalab.
nasa gumagawa din kase kung epektibo ba o eepekto ba ito,

marahil kulang ang iba sa paniniwala o ang iba naman ay basta basa nalang ng basa ng wala sa puso ang sinasambit na orasyon o ritual.
nasasaatin po un kung gusto nating matuto.
hindi yung puro tayo tanong,

masmabuting basahin at unawaing maigi ang
mga itinuturo at nakasulat.
swerte panga tinuturuan tyo/kyo ng libre
kahit hindi madaling ipamahagi ang ganitong kaalaman.dahil maraming taga subaybay ang
hindi parin makaunawa.

salahat ng nababasa ko na blog or post ni kuya
ni isa dito wala pa akong sinubukan,
bagkos sinusulat ko lang sa aking notebook
ang lahat ng kanyang itinuturo,
kahit hindi ko masyadong maunawaan sige parin,at kapag naintindihan kona saka ko palang sa ganon walang masayang.

may mga hindi magandang aral meron ding kapupulutan ng aral,nasasaatin nalang ito kung saan at paano natin gagamitin.

salamat sa mga blog kuya,sana wagkang magsawa sa akin/saamin na turuan pa ng iyong mga nalalaman.

scared little girl said...

is there any ritual para mawala ung wakwak?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

My kilala aq ganyan pokpok n babae kabit nkkasira ng pamilya kya dw nia gngwa wla dw tumutulong sa knya biro m 34 yrs lng xa my anak n isa bbae 8yrs old ayw maghanap buhay tamad at batugan lgi umaasa sa bigay ng ttay nia ilang taon n xa kupkop ng ttay ayw maghnap buhay my hitchura nmn kinakalakal ang katawansa sobra katamaran..

joday marfil said...

Mam pwdi po ask f pnu mkakagalaw ktwan ng nkulam.awang awa n po kc aq s kpatid q.d po xa mkagalaw at d nya maramdaman kalahati ng ktwan nya.sobrang phrap po gnawa sa knya.una po malalaking sugat pero s 2l0ng po ng nanggagamot humil0m n ung mga sugat n un pero nd pa po gaanu.ngaun po d pa rn po xa mkalakad at d nya maramdaman ktwan nya cmula puwet hanggang paa.galit po umiiril smin ngaun pero d q po alam qng anu muna dpt gawin s ganung po pnakulam dw kptid q gwa dw po s inggit.sna po m2lungan nyo aq.maraming slmat po.

Anonymous said...

I hope this request is not too much. I hope you can help me. My husband left me after a 20 year relationship (we are still married) for a 23 year old Filipina. I am not happy about the end of my marriage but he and I were best friends years before we even became a couple so I can come to accept the end and my husband being with another woman if that is what is truly meant to be. What I am having hard time letting go of, is my anger over the fact that my husband cheated on me with that girl. So I only wish for that relationship to end for it was created and is flourishing as a result of the pain I suffered from being betrayed. If at all possible and if you are willing I am asking if there is a spell to end that relationship? I would even just like to know something to say to the girl in Filipino that would make her believe she is cursed for her involvement with a married man while he was still at home. He is American so I will serve him his justice in court.