Friday, May 2, 2008

The Book without a Title

I thought a relative stole this librito during a great typhoon years ago when our house was almost flooded. I didn’t give much importance to this librito back then for I have not entirely read what it contains so I didn’t try to get it back. But I found it again hidden in one of my chest covered in black cloth. I read it and realized how great, sacred and helpful the orasyons it has.

My aunt from my grandmother’s sister’s side gave this to me and I can still remember how she acquired it. She said that she had a dream of a bearded old man who was wearing a very long robe, and that the old man was calling her name, instructing her to rise and recover a book for him. She said that she can’t because she was scared to go out at night because of ghosts. The old man then said to have laughed and told her that he will recover the book for her and that he will find it on her altar when she wakes up.

She ignored the dream when she woke up but she was very astonished when she found the librito on her altar. She recounted it to her mother and showed her the librito. She then learned from our great grandmother that it was her supernatural mentor who gave it to her and that she should just wait for him for instructions for her mission. My aunt became a healer and finished her mission. She then entrusted the librito to me saying that I would need it. She made other copies so many Good Fridays ago and gave it to other of my relatives.

The third image is for divine protection when "salva mea jesu cristo" is added on the end and for blessing when other orasyon is added with it.

The fourth image is an orasyon for the who are lost on their way. Say it three times and the spirits will guide you to where you intended to go.


Anonymous said...

See Please Here

Kuotetsu said...

My grandmother had this too.. this type of format, the texts, and color, and the thickness of the book denotes that this blank book is a missal used by convent sisters and students of the conservative schools way back 60s-90s. i dunno if these books are still on the use

drooling whores said...

i cant read the pictures... too blurred

tristan said...

Its the 1962 Latin Roman Missal used in the Latin Traditional Mass. I have one.

Anonymous said...

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