Thursday, June 19, 2008


That's the name of the old man who attacked me the other night. He's a well known Albularyo in their area which is just one tricycle away from us. My relatives and I know that he curse people so they would come to him for healing and "donations". He curse people and blame it on us. He probably have found out about my mentors already that night. Yes he's strong but wouldn't last very long when you know what you are doing. He is like "other" typical Albularyos.. Curse and heal. And each and everytime they do that cycle, they become less and less effective. Well, he's very old and his time is near. He is not someone to worry about.

Moving on to our wheel. I only saw ONE person who has been making progress of actually understanding what my instructions are. He even mailed me a picture of his perception of the wheel and if he's the only one interested then he's the only one who will learn more about it.

Now, you need to know that this wheel is not just an accessory of sorcery. This wheel is devotedly used by a person whose main practice is returning things that are lost/stolen or making people pay their dues etc. The ritual of this wheel is divided into three orasyons.

1. Orasyon to return stolen goods
2. Orasyon to force people to pay their dues
3. Orasyon to cause sickness to thieves and people who owes you money/things

Remember, you can't just use this wheel once and throw it away.

Update me with your wheel.


Anonymous said...

pwedi po bang makita yong wheel para po gayahin ko kasi po baka magkamali ako maraming salamat po fs

Neilmar Capoquian said...

puede ba na matuto ng iyong method? Thanks nga pala in advance.

Anonymous said...

Ginoo, Pwede ko po bang matutunan angkarunungan ito maraming salamat po..

maritess cuya said...

iteresado po akong malaman ang orasyon tungkol dito, maaari nyo po ba akong pagkatiwalaan na malaman ang orasyon nito? salamat po.