Thursday, June 7, 2007

On Stolen/Lost Things

They taught me, If the thing is not yet sold or not been given to another person by the thief then the lost thing will come back because of your prayers. First, this ritual was taught to me by my spirit guide. So when i was instructed that i should sit on the middle of the stairs which is infront of our house altar, it is because this ritual is taught to me according to my location and the resources that i have. But this doesn't mean that other people can't use it. If you have stairs in your house but don't have an altar infront of it then just put an altar infront of the stairs and sit on the very middle(14 steps, at the 7th ofcourse) when performing this ritual. But if you don't have stairs, i think it can be acceptable to do the ritual only with an altar. You must also know where the thing is located before it was stolen. And i suggest to do this ritual ONLY for a thing which is very important. If you can buy another of that thing without difficulty then you don't have to do this method.

On a Friday, get 4 small stones in the vicinity of a church at 3pm. Light two white candles in your altar at 6pm and then sit at the middle of your stairs facing your altar. If you don't have stairs then kneel infront of your altar. Hold the four stones tightly, two stones at each hand.

Then recite this Orasyons:


Tribu tergum quod es mei, operor ecce cruccem domine
per sanctus calex de Deus, Tribu tergum quod es mei (3x)

Then close it with this orasyon:

Santo Antonio ut vos votum , vestri palyum libri de preses eram donatus tergum vobis. Precor iyam pro totus nostrum quisnam es absentis res maximus quod carus. Voveo totus quisnam es absentis fides spes vel amisitia de deus. Voveo nos quisnam es absentis amisitia vel parentes per nex. Voveo totus quisnam es absentis pacis de mens vel fasmatis. Precor ut nos badum exsisto donatus novus spes , novus fides , novus diligo. Precor ut absentis res , necessarius quod benevolens nobis badum exsisto reverto ut nostrum servo. Sive seu , nos expeto persevero en nostrum damnum , precor ut nos badum exsisto donatus sarcalogos levamentum quod pacis.


Recite the second orasyon only once. Then go to the location of the lost thing and surround it with the 4 stones in square position. Surround the "thing" not the whole room.

If the ritual is done as i intstructed and the orasyons are pronounced correctly. Then you should find the lost thing in the middle of the 4 stones the next morning. This is done up to three fridays, if it doesn't appear after the third friday then it might have been sold or given away by the thief to another person.

I have numerous rituals of finding lost things and thiefs. I will post other methods in the future.


Anonymous said...

Ohh.. regarding the stairs and the altar, our house was build with altar exactly facing the middle portion of the stairs. Any significance?

Anonymous said...

what do u mean by the second orasyon? is it the tribu tergum or the santo antonio one?

Anonymous said...

I bet it's the santo antonio that should've been repeated once.

Anonymous said...

what do u mean by "the second orasyons should all be recited before repeating it three times. not three magi.. three..pater..etc." email nio nmn po ko mga nka try n thnx po

Anonymous said...

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