Friday, June 8, 2007


I have been receiving a couple of hate mails since I started the "To ward off real witches" post. It is not my intention to hurt the feelings of our Western Practitioners by using the term "fake" and "learning witchcraft thru books". I didn't explain very well what I mean when I used the term.

I hope you understand that I came from the Philippines, and our occult culture is very different from the West, but then again, I do not know much about the occult practices of the West so I am concluding that as my own opinion. When i used the term "fake witches who learns witchcraft thru witchcraft books" I mean people here in our country who buys occult books at our local bookstores, read about it a bit and then fool people for their money by appearing at TV shows, newspapers et al., claiming that people in need of occult assistance should come to their office and will be charged only "little" amounts as donations.

I am here to preserve parts of our real occult culture and to help primarily Filipinos, but other nationalities are welcome to ask for rituals and orasyons too. So pretentious witches here in our country who charge money to people desperate of help, in exchange for their ineffective rituals and without Supernatural guidance is for me very disturbing.

I do not charge money to people who ask me for rituals and Orasyons. When somebody comes to me for help, I only ask them to buy the materials that are needed. I sometimes even give what is in my cupboard for free and just ask them for candles. I also do not take donations. All I ask to those who come to me is clandestineness, for I don't want the whole country to know what I am. I am just an ordinary person blessed with a supernatural gift. Other nationalities may not understand the process on how "albularyos" or witchdoctors catch a witch or a sorcerer thru the body of the bewitched, but I must point out that the punishments are very severe once discovered as a witch or a sorcerer, a real one.

I think I have already explained enough what I meant and I APOLOGIZE to those who are offended with the terms that i used. It is not my intention to insult other practices like some people thought. I am also not claiming that my rituals are stronger than yours. I just want to help those who need Spiritual justice and assistance, nothing more.

Again, I apologize. I hope this ends all the misconceptions.


Anonymous said...

i need your help. Can you pls post here an orasyon concerning in winning court case. thank you. i had sent you an email last nov19

saichio said...

sir, san po b kayo pwedeng mapuntahan ? thnx

dan said...

mr.sorcerer ndi na kayo nagreply sakin. please email po kayo sakin sa

Anonymous said...

gusto ko po makipagkita sa inyo please email me yor address.

crimsonspell said...

Naiintindihan ko po kayo, napakarami po kasi sa Internet ngayon na nagchacharge ng malaking halaga para sa mga spells na gagawin para sa iyo at karamihan sa kanila ay US based. At napatunayan ko na karamihan po sa kanila ay peke at ginagamit lamang na front ang witchcraft upang kumita.

Anonymous said...

can u pls help me? pls email me at i realy need your help..hope to hear from you soon

Anonymous said...

Hi po..pwede po bang matuto sa inyo? I know the risk after what i am going to do but gusto ko talagang bumalik na siya sa akin before pa makahanap siya ng iba, ayoko pong makasakit. me
tatanawin ko pong napakalaking utang na loob kapag natulungan nyo po ako. naniniwala po ako sa inyo kasi po ang mama ko na sumakabilang buhay na ay naniniwala din ho. please tulungan nyo naman po ako.