Monday, September 3, 2007

To Cause Swelling to the Face

This kulam is specifically to make one side of a person's face swell. But 2 years ago, I casted it to my feet and hands and it worked(yes, the best way to empower and test rituals is to test it to yourself or to your family or relatives before doing it to others). So maybe you can use this not only to the person's face but to his/her other body parts as well. But I can't guarantee that it will work to the other parts of the body if YOU use it. This ritual has the prescription of reciting an orasyon but the orasyon is not necessary(depends on how violent you want the outcome to be, i did not use an orasyon when I casted it to myself but it made a terrible outcome) Now this is what you need and have to do:

You should buy a WHITE handkerchief at tuesday or friday ONLY. And three white candles.


At Tuesday ONLY. You should acquire the sweat of your victim by wiping his/her face(if you are empowered, other parts of his/her body) with the white handkerchief. Fold the handkerchief three times and then hide it somewhere.

Friday 6pm or 11-12 midnight. Get the white handkerchief. Light three white candles. Candles should be in triangular format. One candle on upper middle and the other candles on both left and right side.

Without the orasyon:
Hold the candle(candle from the middle - top) and stare at its flame and visualize the part of the person where you wiped the handkerchief(I recommend for you to wipe the left side) swelling and in pain. If anger is the cause then much better. Visualize it for a minute and then drop melted wax on the handkerchief while visualizing(drop melted wax where the sweat of the victim is). You should visualize while dropping melted wax. After that, fold the handkerchief three times again and hide it. Visit your victim and see the outcome.

With orasyon:

I wouldn't really recommend it since you are not empowered to recite it. You see, I am vested with the power of revenge, and most of the kulam that are taught to me don't necessarily need an orasyon for me to make it work, unless i want it to be violent. There are two and which are the ultimate orasyons which are recited for a specific kulam(the second orasyon as the general one). But divulging that orasyon here is unreasonable.

So just focus your anger and concentrate on your visualization and you'll be successful with your kulam.

*Dont wear red when performing kulam rituals
*At friday don't take a bath
*You can attend mass but you should not take the eucharist if you are planning to operate this ritual.
*Generally, and if you are empowered, do not be around or close to thorned plants
*ALWAYS operate in SECRET
*your feet should be touching the ground


Necromancer said...

Mr. FS, to cure its effect, if you test it to your relatives or to your self?..

Anonymous said...

panu po kung white tissue paper po ung meron ako na may pawis niya??? pede na po ba un???

Anonymous said...

hi Mr, FS, a pleasant day to you ,i read your articles and indeed i do believe on it, i new some people doing this,can i know some of your spell Mr, FS..kindly email me @ a lot..ur new follower..