Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Kulam is "The Power of Revenge" - It Did Not Come From A Tradition

Now let me entertain this question from an unknown visitor of my site.

"I would just like to ask if you know the complete ritual of the invocation of the spirit guide… I would like for you to post it in your blog… cause I saw the ritual in another tradition which requires a bathtub to sink in. a typical Filipino live a hard life, so I cant afford a bathtub to bathe in. I think the spirit guide contacts you through dreams, right? I would like to ask if an orasyon or a pact written on a paper, Requires a kind of ink used for different purposes such as dove’s blood ink, bat’s blood ink and dragon’s blood ink? Such inks and mixtures came from voodoo, Santeria and hoodoo. And that is the traditions where Filipino sorcery came from. So I think an ink from those will be helpful. I want to know how to contact my spirit guides. I’m desperate…cause I know every people in this world have a spirit guide or a guardian angel or whatever you call it. thank you for your help, really."

First of all, Kulam came from the spirits whether it be demons or other supernatural beings. It did not come barely from the tradition you mentioned. Kulam is power and its power can be attained by operating the assigned methods for it. You may ask why there are similarities from other traditions, well the occult are taught by the supernaturals, these beings although from different parts of the world still has the same essence. These beings make us use what resources we have around us. So I can say that they never really asked our ancestors to build or swim in a bath tub just for the aid of the spirits to be acquired. Therefore it's a bit comical for you to think that kulam came from "voodoo", "santeria", and "hoodoo" when the truth is you don't have any idea how our occult culture is.

Second, you already want to know how to invoke them when on the first place you don't even understand and respect them. These beings which you qoute as "whatever you call it" requires its receiver to be disciplined. You can't just acquire them by writing a pact on a piece of paper using the blood of a dove, dragon(?), and a bat. Even if you are using the blood of batman it will never work. You need patience, sacrifices, and discipline to yourself first. You need to undergo a lot of methods to acquire one, unless acquiring it by means of inheriting it. I inherited three supernatural mentors, and no, i didn't sink in a bath tub to inherit them, she taught me what to do after i receive it and when the time came, she simply touched me with her hands before she passed away.

Lastly, do you even have the guts to talk to spirits?


Kuotetsu said...

Perhaps the dragon's blood that the writer is talking about is a bright red resin that is obtained from different species of four distinct plant genera: Croton, Dracaena, Daemonorops, and Pterocarpus. The red resin was used in ancient times as varnish, medicine, incense, and dye. It continues to be employed for the aforementioned purposes by some, down to the present time. But maybe the writer really does know about the herb since he/she associated it with dove and bat's blood.
(PS: Just sharing ^_^)

Anonymous said...

thank you very much koutetsu...and sorry for being undisciplined to use the word "whatever" on spirit the way...i was the one who posted the comment that was the reason why you wrote "Kulam is "The Power of Revenge" - It Did Not Come From A Tradition"..

Anonymous said...

Ginoong Sorcerer,nagtataka lang po ako. nagtuturo po kayo ng witchcraft sa mga tao,hindi po kaya dapat nyo rin silang turuan ng pangpoder sa sarili? wag nyo po sanang masamain. -iniimbitahan ko rin ang mga may kaalaman sa orasyon para mage-mail sakin,

Anonymous said...

ang pag bibigay ng orasyon sa tao ay hindi dapat dahil ito ay sagrado at banal na salita, ang mga tao nagagamit ng orasyonay may pahimntulot at biyaya ng mas mataas.

ang mga mabagsik na mangkukulam ay nagkakasakit din sa kaso na pagbalik sa kanila ng kulam at dapat mo rin gamutin ang sarili mo bilang isang magkukulam o mangagamot kung hindi mo alam anu na magyari sayo. katulad ng nasabi ang oRASYON ay SAGRADO na d dapat ituro sa kung sinu sinu lamang.