Sunday, February 24, 2008

To Cause a Terrible Fever

I have to suggest this because this ritual doesn’t necessarily need an orasyon to take effect. What you need is anything that has been worn or touched for sometime by your victim, and by victim, I mean the one who has caused you harm or wrong doing. On a Friday or Tuesday at 6pm or 12 midnight. Tie his/her personal belonging to a black doll(a doll which is not prepared specially for a single person, a doll used for multiple curses – yes, you should have one or three of it. I have five.) You tie what you have from that person with a black string(sinulid). Tie the “thing” at the front side. Tie the black string three times and knot the string at the back side of the black doll. Do this not being seen and with two candles as your only light. You should then put the doll at the left side of your “kalan”, it is actually suggested that it should be placed under the “kalan” itself but if that is not possible then place it at the left side. Now everytime fire is lighted in the kalan, visualize in great anger that your victim is experiencing the heat of fire. And so, fever shall come to your victim.


drooling whores said...

what candles?color?when to light them?

Anonymous said...

how can i get a black doll...?

oliven rances said...

tumahi ng sariling manika!!para magawa ung sorcery n yn!