Saturday, February 9, 2008

Holy Week is Near Coming

I'm sorry to keep my students waiting.. But I was sick for sometime and unable to spend time to teach you rituals and orasyons. But now that I am back, I will continue to write here and teach more. The Holy Week is approaching and it is the most important week in Filipino Sorcery. I will do my best to divulge methods and rituals. Probably this week. But for now, I will have to sort what i can teach and what not. Just keep on coming back because I will be posting other orasyons and rituals soon.


bonisants said...

iam keep on waiting on what you say after holy week.iam thankful for helping us to learn and to teach us how to protect ourselves to this kind of people,who makes sick .i salute you people.iam looking for you 4 long you are there to help.just gives us ideas how to protect ourselves ,how to cure people that are being hexed.more power!GodBlessUAll.

Anonymous said...

i wrote some of your rituals im my notebook.anong gagawin ngayong holy week sa libreta

Anonymous said...

Hello, I want to know about Gayuma and Orasyon. If you know this Orasyon or Gayuma, I want he never separeted with me and I want He never looking or inlove to someone else.only me forever. Send me this orasyon or gayuma. Thank for your help. God bless & Good luck to you!