Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Different Power of Orasyons

In contrary to the belief of an amateur who has been terrorizing this site and who is very near in getting perfect torture from me, Orasyons DO NOT share the same power. Orasyons are like formulas. It will only work if you follow its rules. And one formula differ from other formulas. It shares the same objective but differs on its method of operation and level of power. One orasyon can command a spirit to do its objectives and another orasyon of the same purpose can command the higher spirits to do the same with assurance of its strength and in less time.

Defense to an orasyon is not 1 is to 1, and by that I mean that 1 orasyon doesn't require a specific orasyon for defense. A couple of charms written in a handkerchief can block orasyons but then, a MORE POWERFUL poder can block all kinds of orasyons that might be casted upon you. And vice versa, a powerful orasyon can penetrate that a poder which is not powerful enough. That case also explains that orasyons does not share the same level of power.

Why do you think Barang is more powerful than a typical Kulam? If orasyons and rituals shares the same power. Why witches afraid to make enemies with a sorcerer? Why do albularyos recommend those who are tormented by a sorcerer to also approach another sorcerer so they can be healed? Because a person can be more powerful than the other. If orasyons, rituals et al share the same power then people who practices it should have been equal of power too, which is not the case and you have to accept that fact.

There are so much for you to learn. Knowing five or ten things about our supernatural culture won't make you a great person who knows so much about the supernatural. People who come here and say "why is sorcerer not teaching this, sorcerer is suppose to be teaching that" are people who are arrogant, immature, and most specially UNEXPERIENCED. They feel that they have already learned everything about our supernatural culture, but there's just so many things for you to learn and still do not have the right to contradict an experienced person's opinion.

I have not passed through shamans and witches just to take silly words from unexperienced

And lastly, I created this site for those who are interested and not for those who are not. If you don't like what you are seeing then leave.


Anonymous said...

Ang emo Talaga ni MOD. I banned ba ako. Fs It means your the strongest shamman? FS Kakampi ka ba ng liwanag o dilim?

Anonymous said...

can you post infos about the history of sorcery/witchcraft in the philippines. because i really wanted to know about it, i tried researching the net and i found nothing. Thank you in advance :)

jennifer sanchez said...

sir good day..sir kapag gumagamit ba ng orasyon cabal ..hindi ba makakaaepekto yan sa swerti..example pag may negosyo ako ..hindi ba yan nag kaka pag babagal ng customer narinig ko kasi kapag gumagamit ka daw ng cabal para na ring ang swerti di tatalab sayo..salamat po..sana matulongan ninyo ko po

jennifer sanchez said...

noon po may negosyo ako hindi po ako gumagamit ng orasyon.ngayon lng ako nag iinteresado kasi sa tulong niyo ng nagbigay dito sa site ng free orasyon.sana po matulongan niyo ako minsan na ho ako bumagsak ang negosyo ko at ayaw ko ng maulit..di ba contra ang pang cabal na orasyon kapag merong kang negosyo di ba iilap ang customers at saka ang kita..sana may pangontra din rito na orasyon..para di iilap ang swerti.salamat sir

jennifer sanchez said...

sir jop po ang real name ko

Anonymous said...

I plan on going home to the Philippines to have an orasyon tattoo of protection from physical and spiritual harm. Who would you recommend? Is there a ritual I can do were I get a tattoo here in the States and still make it as effective as one from the Philippines? Any design ideas for my tattoo? Also, how can I get a powerful anting-anting with the same purpose? Thanks in advance.