Thursday, April 3, 2008

To Conquer Those Who Acquired Invulnerability

Again to answer a question.. Invulnerability only comes from two sides.. Good and Evil. Good Engkantos and Diabolic Engkantos. Good spirits and Evil Spirits. God and Devil. Whether it came from an orasyon, an amulet, mutya, etc.. it has to be from either of the two sides.

Now to conquer, hurt or kill those who are supernaturally invulnerable. I have two solutions, when the power comes from the dark side then what you need to do is to keep their feet elevated from the ground. Then do what you must; stab, cast an orasyon to them, et al..It's already your problem how to keep their feet elevated from the ground. According to a story, ancestors of mine had to endure a lot of pain before they could even come close to an invulnerable sorcerer and literally raise him up from his feet so they could stab him to death. Take note that their kind is powerless when their feet is not touching the ground\floor.

Next is the good side, i don't think its fair to reveal it, because a person who acquired invulnerability from God is impossible to cause harm to other people and abuse his power. But who knows? So i would give a little detail.

According to our lineage's history. What you need to do is to stab him with a certain wood. I won't reveal what kind of wood but it is considered sacred by all sorcerers, shamans and even witches. Those with long term experience should know what I am talking about.

I'm not sure if that wood will work on the dark side.

I hope the information I contributed today can be a help to some people in the future.


Anonymous said...

helo filipino sorcery, mayron po ba kayong orasyon para sa mga taong may masamang ginawa sa inyo. para po maranasan niya yong ginawa niya sa tao.

Anonymous said...

Would you mind to tell us the sacred wood used?

Anonymous said...

mayron ka bang strongest love potion?

Anonymous said...

hello mayroon ka bang orasyon para bumalik ang asawa ko na nagayuma?